Sunday, 21 December 2014

Wolford Linnea Tights Review - Sahara/Black

Wolford is one of the world's leading hosiery brands founded in 1949.  Their designs are always innovative and high quality, maximum comfort (like silk against your skin) and most definitely timeless elegance.  This is many of the reasons why I have a vast collection of their tights and bodysuits

I recently reviewed the Wolford Artiste Tights (the picture I had taken for my blog got shortlisted for Wolford's Fashion Girl contest and it was also published it on their Instagram )

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

#Updateyourlegs Wolford Grand Finale - in The Eternal City of Rome

I want to start by saying a massive thank you to everyone who supported me in Wolford's 'Update your legs' contest. 
I had an amazing time in the magical Eternal city of Rome and made some true friends.

I was greeted at the Grand Hotel Plaza in Rome by the other winner Maria and Marta from Wolford, who handed me this very warm welcoming letter.  This letter finally made me realise that 'wow I really have won the competition' because I still couldn't believe it, that I could actually win a competition ran by a company that inspires me!

Thursday, 27 November 2014

#UpdateYourLegs - Wolford Competition Update

This week I had a massive shock to find an email and a facebook post telling me that I was one of the winners of the Wolford update your legs competition!!!

Well i nearly died as I am a person who has never ever won anything...not even bingo!!
And to actually win a trip to Rome...this just never happens to me...ever!!
UPDATE: You can check how the final in Rome went via my blog post HERE!

Wolford Compeition Winners ❤

Monday, 17 November 2014

Efracea Rosacea - my new treatment plan (Doxycyline)

So the past few months have been experimental for me in terms of my rosacea treatment.

Initially I was prescribed oxytetracycline 250mg for six weeks, along with Metrosa gel 0.75% and I must say the improvement in the redness and 'rosacea acne' was very substantial. 
So much so that even people in work noticed the difference in how much clearer my skin was.

Friday, 24 October 2014

Things to do in Sorrento - Pompeii

Ever since I was young child, I have been obsessed with Pompeii and have watched numerous documentaries on the matter.  This also included watching Pink Floyd's 'Live at Pompeii' on more than one occasion...which most probably fueled my obsession

When I initially booked my holiday, Kuoni wanted £79 per person for Pompeii excursion (if I remember right) and you can only do it on certain days.  Plus I wanted the freedom of just wandering around for hours in the awe of Mount Vesuvius and seeing exactly what I wanted to see.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Wolford Artiste Tights Review - Black

wolford tights blog
Cute little laces all the way up from your feet to stockings height
The Wolford Artiste are a lace up boot effect tight; where the laces go up to stay-up height from the end of your foot.  

Now these are most definitely a statement kind of tights; yes we all know most Wolford are...but I normally find it easy to put an outfit together that will compliment my tights.  So after trying on numerous outfits as I was soon to find out that you just want to wear something simple with these tights!
 So I found the best thing to do is; pair these bold tights with something not so bold e.g. bodycon skirt/dress and some lovely heels! 

Friday, 10 October 2014

Wolford Competition - Update My Legs

Okay, so I seen on my instagram that Wolford are running a competition where you enter your picture fitting the 'female legs' theme, so I decided to enter my Mirella one from instagram.

As I have not had facebook for over five years this meant I had to reactivate mine :']

so yes this is where I will beg for you to vote for me ♥ 

Please vote for me here;

I will be eternally grateful for your vote and forever your slave......

My picture - vote for this please ❤ 

Sunday, 5 October 2014

My Sorrento Escape

So back in January my partner and I booked a holiday to Sorrento with Kuoni in Liverpool One and at the time it seemed a million miles away.  But as we all know time flies and at last my holiday was here and it was definitely worth the wait  

We stayed in the Grand Hotel De La Ville for 5 beautiful nights on a half board basis and within seconds of being here we definitely did not regret Kuoni's choice on the hotel.  The location of the hotel was amazing as it was literally within a 2 minute walk from the town centre and the train station.  This definitely came in handy for our trips to the Isle of Capri, Almafi Coast, Pompeii and to Positano.  The food in the hotel was also perfect as I am an extremely fussy vegetarian and was worried as to whether they would cater for me, but they had a varied selection including different types of pasta, pizza and omelette.  Do you ever worry over silly things too?

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Kate Bush Live in Hammersmith; including Wolford Studded Tights

Close up of Wolford Studded Tights
So yes after months of anxious waiting, the date was finally here for me to see the amazing Kate Bush!  She is someone i have idolised since the age of six/seven....what can I say, I was a weird child!

 One secret of mine, well it's not going to be a secret now; but as a child I used to cycle around on my bike listening to Kate Bush and David Bowie on my Walkman (oh no I'm showing my age now!)

Anyway I arrived in Hammersmith on Friday afternoon and started to get ready quite early as needed to prep my skin prior to makeup due to my rosacea, plus my skin was dry after traveling!

My Weekend in London...

Weekend Essentials
It seems only like yesterday I was battling online to get Kate Bush tickets, but the weekend has finally come for my boyfriend and I to venture to London.

So we left on Friday via the 8.47 train from Liverpool Lime Street to London Euston traveling via First Class Virgin.  This was actually my first time traveling first class and I must say I would most definitely pay the extra from now on; additional leg room, the vegetarian breakfast was so tasty and what felt like unlimited tea.  I would of happily stayed on the train all day if I could!  

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Wolford Hero Tights Review - Black

Wolford Hero Tights
Wolford Hero Tights
The Wolford Hero tights (black/black) which are a bondage style pair of tights that I have always longed for as I stupidly missed the opportunity to purchase them in 2010.

However, years of searching Ebay have finally paid off ❤ 

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Christian Louboutin Patent Leather Peep Toe 140mm

Christian Louboutin Patent Leather Peep Toe 140mm
 Ever since being a teenage girl; I always dreamed of owning a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes...and now I own 2 pairs.  The shoe above is known as the Altadama patent leather with 140mm heel, which i believe is a 5½ inch heel.  I also have the Maryl peep toe 120mm in patent leather.

Monday, 1 September 2014

A Snippet from my Wolford Tights Collection

My Wolford Tight Collection
 I think I have a slight obsession when it comes to Wolford Tights......or maybe I'm just an obsessive hoarder with Wolford.  This is a snippet of some of my collection, i have way more tights than this and I even have bodysuits by Wolford. 

Just to let everyone know that I am also changing my blog name from 'Lilac Beauty Trouble' to 'Tights and Ladders' 

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Recent advances in the understanding of rosacea.....

Sorry about the lack of writing....I've had a really bad past couple of weeks!
1) Had a massive rosacea flare up which resulted in being back on antibiotics as my eyesight was beginning to be affected again :']

My massive bag of drugs, haha!

Two good things have happened though....alot of research has recently been published by a German doctor. 
If you have rosacea i really suggest you read it! 

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Hidden Gems to discover in TK Maxx

Every couple of weeks I always go to Tk Maxx to see what 'bargains'  I can discover, even though quite often the store is mostly a miss rather than a hit!

However sometimes you will be surprised at what you get there.....

The Kooples

I got these amazing shorts for £11 in the sale!

Look at them cute skulls ♡

Friday, 4 July 2014

Borderland Defender - Two years later

Finally two years after starting Borderlands...
I finally acheived the platinum trophy!
 The servers for Borderlands finally closed, I believe in May.....prompting me to finally get my ass in gear and finish the game!
I actually really enjoyed this game and could actually just grind for hours, as it was beneficial to do this.....that was until the game glitched on me as it saving and completely corrupted my save file, meaning I would have to start AGAIN!!!
I'm telling you it was very lucky this was a psn download rather than a physical disc, as I would of used the disc as a frisbee! haha.

Anyway after major gamer rage.....two years later, i returned to this wonderful game ensuring I backed it up with PS+ every single time I finished playing, and finally acheived the platinum trophy!
(As yes, I am one of these noobs who have PS+ who NEVER use the autosave feature)

Two years later.....but better late than never eh!
 So maybe now I can finally start on with Borderlands 2, considering 'Borderlands The Pre-sequel' is getting released in 3 months time!  So yep, this is my longest ever time to achieve a platinum due to gamer rage!
Whats your longest time taken to achieve a platinum?

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Complications of Rosacea - Rosacea in eyes

Okay I want to talk about something that happened to me last year and at the time was not aware was a complication of rosacea!
Last year my right eye just went blurry, the only way to describe this blurriness is when you get that weird film over your eye and normally you rub it and it goes.  The only problem is when I rubbed my eye it didn't go!  Obviously this was felt very strange at first, so I though okay maybe it's just my glasses which has got dirt on the lenses.  So I repeatedly cleaned my glasses but to no avail....this scared me to death!
 So off I went to St Paul's eye hospital, but there was no doctor's in due to it being 10pm at night.  However, there was a nurse who looked at my eyes and advised me "come in tomorrow as I think you will just need some cream"
So the next day I waited for around 3 hours to be seen by a doctor, to only be told;
"I think you have Thygeson's Superficial Punctate Keratitis"

At that very moment I felt like my world fell apart as he told me; "You wont be able to drive anymore and there is not really any cures, but would look at possibly trying steroids.....which can sometimes make you worse" 
He then referred me to a cornea specialist.......
Over the next few days I experienced headaches and severely painful dry eyes, so was prescribed Hylo-Forte.....which is by far the most amazing invention ever if you suffer with dry eyes!
Within 1-2 months my appointment came through for my cornea specialist who examined my eyes and straight away said;
"I can see you have rosacea, which has caused blepharitis" 

Monday, 9 June 2014

L'oreal Feria pastel toning conditioner - Lilac Review

As I'm naturally auburn/ginger my hair can sometimes bleach up with warm orange tones.  So I will normally tone my hair using Wella Koleston mixed with 20% peroxide...
But for the past couple of times, I have just used L'oreal Feria pastel toning conditioner in Lilac lavender after bleaching(as purple counteracts yellow/orange tones)

l'oreal feria pastel lilac results

Here is a picture from last bleach up after the lilac had washed out.  My roots are actually about 1/2" on this picture, so you can see from looking at the top of my head, that I ACTUALLY didnt need to tone with Wella Koleston :]
I do admit I should of maybe taken a better picture to show you guys though!

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

My Skincare Routine that helps treat my rosacea

As you may know in the past I have had a major issue with trying to find products that worked for my rosacea, quite often i would literally waste my money on products that claimed to be 'anti redness' or best for 'dry skin'. 

That was until I discovered Dermalogica after endless hours of google searches and had a skin mapping service, which confirmed that my dry, red, weird spots were indeed rosacea.

So first I will run you through what I use;

Okay so Preclense is an oil based cleanser (smells ever so soothing) which you will apply a few drops to dry hands and massage over your face and eyes, then I wet my hands and continue to massage into my face.  I will then use a wet lukewarm muslin cloth to carry on cleaning my face, once complete I will use a face towel to gently pat dry my skin.

Using the same principal as preclense, I will apply Ultracalming Cleanser to my hands (small five pence size) and massage into my face, neck and closed eyes.  Again using a lukewarm muslin cloth to remove the products and will gently pat my skin dry again.

Saturday, 17 May 2014

A Beautiful Game......that just needs to be spoken about!

I was initially going to purchase this game direct from the PSN as I thought the deluxe edition may be super pricey!  But to my surprise it's the same price from the PSN as it is from Tesco (£15) but i get loads of amazing goodies too!

Anyway I just wanted to show you a couple of pics to show you just how beautiful this edition really is.....

Friday, 25 April 2014

The Battle of Getting my Rosacea Diagnosed....

Three years ago after being seriously ill and in hospital with pneumonia I noticed round my chin and nose area it was a fierce red colour and was getting ALOT of painful spots (papules and pustules) and the rest of my skin was painfully much so that you could actually see the flakes of dry skin! 

Initially I visited my Doctor, who told me he was unsure as to what was wrong with my skin and advised that he will prescribe me with a steroid cream.  This for me is a DEFINITE NO as it thins your skin!  Like why would i agree to that!?  I guess if i needed steroid cream anywhere else I would agree, but on my face....definitely no!

Within 8 months of still not knowing I had rosacea, I most probably spent £200+ on products.  To name just a few I tried; E45 for Dry skin all the way through to Nivea, Sudacrem, Boots No7, YSL and Dior.....just nothing seemed to work for me!

That was until i spent hours searching on the internet and finally discovered Dermalogica Ultracalming range.

So i went to Selfridges in Manchester and spoke to a skin consultant and as soon as she seen my skin, she questioned as to whether i had rosacea....prior to this I had never even heard of rosacea.  The consultant done a skin mapping session on me and gave me a two week supply of what she believed would help my skin.  I must say i was extremely reluctant at first to try anything new on my skin after my previous bad experiences with products, but my opinion soon changed pretty fast with the help of Dermalogica!
I will go through which products I find useful in my next post. 
Love Kay

Friday, 11 April 2014

Introducing myself.....


Hi my name is Kayleigh!
I'm new to this world of blogging but I spend ALOT of my time reading and trying new hair and beauty products. 

As some of you may know living with rosacea makes you really self-conscious and gets you down sometimes (with me it was nearly all the time). 

I have lived with rosacea for three years, which diagnosed two years ago and I want to share my experiences of the products I have used.  Some products have been an absolute disaster and a complete waste of money (for me) and some have been amazing and are slowly bringing back my confidence!

In my future posts I will be discussing in depth the products and makeup I use to hide my red mask and spots (papules and pustules) and hopefully we can all share tips!?  Also all the other things I love; bleaching my ginger hair blonde and all the pastel colours I use and of course gaming  (◡‿◡✿)