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Wolford Linnea Tights Review - Sahara/Black

Wolford is one of the world's leading hosiery brands founded in 1949.  Their designs are always innovative and high quality, maximum comfort (like silk against your skin) and most definitely timeless elegance.  This is many of the reasons why I have a vast collection of their tights and bodysuits

I recently reviewed the Wolford Artiste Tights (the picture I had taken for my blog got shortlisted for Wolford's Fashion Girl contest and it was also published it on their Instagram )

Wolford Linnea Tights

My partner recently purchased the Wolford Linnea Tights from their Rome Boutique Store and gave them to me as a gift for the #Updateyourlegs Grand Finale!

Design and Material
How Wolford describe them; 
"These transparent tights bring a touch of extravagance: the front centre of the leg features an elegant seam which finishes with an interwoven ribbon and bow at stay-up height.  A striped panty section completes the enticing appearance." 

The Linnea Tights are 20 denier and consist of 76% Nylon, 15% Polyester and 9% Elastane.

The bow and seam give a very stylish and sophisticated look and is perfectly defined with no traces of stray edging anywhere. The high Wolford quality is present and they literally just feel like silk on your skin.

You cant help but feel empowered by wearing the Linnea tights. I feel they give a very enticing and risqué kind of look, especially when you're sitting down and slightly allow the edging of the bow to show;

As with all Wolford tights, please protect them by using hosiery gloves to apply. It is the most heartbreaking moment when you accidentally snag your tights, which could of easily been avoided by wearing these specially designed gloves. 


I'm 5ft 4 and weigh 45kg (UK 6), so as per the below Wolford Size Guide...I'm really in between sizes. 

I normally wear an XS or a S (depending on what sizes are available).  But I personally prefer to wear a Small as I don't like to stretch the tights too much. 

Colours and Price

The Wolford Linnea tights are available in the sahara/black (as above) or black/black and the recommended retail price is £25.00...although Wolford had them on sale for an absolute bargain price of £12.50 on Black Friday !!!

How to wear Wolford's Linnea Tights?

I believe you can wear the Linnea tights with almost any dress/skirt; as they are a very elegant and classic design (as long as your dress is quite classic and doesn't take too much of the attention away from your tights )


I always tend to purchase the more innovative designs of Wolford tights because I wear opaque tights for work all week.  So when I actually get chance to get dressed up I like to wear something different and the Linnea tights are perfect for that occasion!! 

I love these tights as they're striking and very enticing, plus the quality is amazing!  I would most definitely recommend these tights

What do you think of the Wolford Linnea tights? 

Dress: Maje    ||    Tights: Wolford Linnea    ||    Shoes: Christian Louboutin

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