Monday, 9 June 2014

L'oreal Feria pastel toning conditioner - Lilac Review

As I'm naturally auburn/ginger my hair can sometimes bleach up with warm orange tones.  So I will normally tone my hair using Wella Koleston mixed with 20% peroxide...
But for the past couple of times, I have just used L'oreal Feria pastel toning conditioner in Lilac lavender after bleaching(as purple counteracts yellow/orange tones)

l'oreal feria pastel lilac results

Here is a picture from last bleach up after the lilac had washed out.  My roots are actually about 1/2" on this picture, so you can see from looking at the top of my head, that I ACTUALLY didnt need to tone with Wella Koleston :]
I do admit I should of maybe taken a better picture to show you guys though!