Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Complications of Rosacea - Rosacea in eyes

Okay I want to talk about something that happened to me last year and at the time was not aware was a complication of rosacea!
Last year my right eye just went blurry, the only way to describe this blurriness is when you get that weird film over your eye and normally you rub it and it goes.  The only problem is when I rubbed my eye it didn't go!  Obviously this was felt very strange at first, so I though okay maybe it's just my glasses which has got dirt on the lenses.  So I repeatedly cleaned my glasses but to no avail....this scared me to death!
 So off I went to St Paul's eye hospital, but there was no doctor's in due to it being 10pm at night.  However, there was a nurse who looked at my eyes and advised me "come in tomorrow as I think you will just need some cream"
So the next day I waited for around 3 hours to be seen by a doctor, to only be told;
"I think you have Thygeson's Superficial Punctate Keratitis"

At that very moment I felt like my world fell apart as he told me; "You wont be able to drive anymore and there is not really any cures, but would look at possibly trying steroids.....which can sometimes make you worse" 
He then referred me to a cornea specialist.......
Over the next few days I experienced headaches and severely painful dry eyes, so was prescribed Hylo-Forte.....which is by far the most amazing invention ever if you suffer with dry eyes!
Within 1-2 months my appointment came through for my cornea specialist who examined my eyes and straight away said;
"I can see you have rosacea, which has caused blepharitis" 

He advised how I will need to be on three months worth of antibiotics and showed me how to bathe my eyes to try and prevent it.  He also confirmed it's a condition that again will always be there but you just need to try and control it and you can drive etc with it!
I just burst out crying as was so relieved that it wasn't this hard to treat thygeson's but instead my temporary blindness was caused by rosacea!  And its fine to drive etc :]
Around 2 months in to my treatment; my eyesight came back and a plus side to the antibiotics was they caused my rosacea not to be as noticeable!  Although to this day I still get paranoid and constantly check my eyes!
So if you do suffer with rosacea, please try and make time in your routine for bathing your eyes.
Has anyone else had similar experiences with rosacea?

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