Sunday, 21 September 2014

Kate Bush Live in Hammersmith; including Wolford Studded Tights

Close up of Wolford Studded Tights
So yes after months of anxious waiting, the date was finally here for me to see the amazing Kate Bush!  She is someone i have idolised since the age of six/seven....what can I say, I was a weird child!

 One secret of mine, well it's not going to be a secret now; but as a child I used to cycle around on my bike listening to Kate Bush and David Bowie on my Walkman (oh no I'm showing my age now!)

Anyway I arrived in Hammersmith on Friday afternoon and started to get ready quite early as needed to prep my skin prior to makeup due to my rosacea, plus my skin was dry after traveling!

My outfit;
Wolford Gaiter,
Wolford Wraparound Bodysuit,
Maje Wrap Skirt,
Wolford Stud Tights

So Kate Bush's residency started on 26th August and I have managed to avoid the setlist AT ALL COSTS, which I'm super proud of.  Yes I am definitely one of them people that normally have to look at a setlist to ensure my favourite song is being played, but with Kate just felt different!

The concert was absolutely phenomenal!  I know from watching my sister's 'Live in Hammersmith' 1979 video that Kate Bush is really theatrical and she still is....the show was mind blowing! My body came out in goosebumps and I literally cried at least eight times....there just in front of me was the woman I have idolised for sooo many years

I don't normally purchase a tour guide but hers was quite thick and very detailed, unlike many artists who I feel just do them because they know people will purchase them no matter what they put in it.  I also managed to get some confetti that was fired and has an extract from Alfred Lord Tennyson's Coming of Arthur printed on them;

So yes the only person I need to see now is David Bowie and I can honestly die happy

I understand how lucky I am as well to of finally seen Kate Bush, I actually love her more than ever!

Whats been your best gig?  Hope you enjoyed the tights too



  1. Those tights are fab! I'm rather envious of you seeing Kate Bush!! I would love to see Bowie too. I think my best gig was seeing Guitar Wolf in Tokyo!

    1. Thank you ♥

      Hopefully she will tour again now as I know sooo many people who missed out :[

      and in Tokyo......seriously!?!
      I am so jealous.....I would kill to go there, haha!

      We can be even now :]


      I'm soooo jealous