Wednesday, 10 December 2014

#Updateyourlegs Wolford Grand Finale - in The Eternal City of Rome

I want to start by saying a massive thank you to everyone who supported me in Wolford's 'Update your legs' contest. 
I had an amazing time in the magical Eternal city of Rome and made some true friends.

I was greeted at the Grand Hotel Plaza in Rome by the other winner Maria and Marta from Wolford, who handed me this very warm welcoming letter.  This letter finally made me realise that 'wow I really have won the competition' because I still couldn't believe it, that I could actually win a competition ran by a company that inspires me!

The hotel was located in the heart of Rome and was within a 5 minute walk of the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain (perfect choice by Wolford).  After placing my bag in the hotel I just couldn't wait to finally explore this beautiful city and I only had two hours before dusk set in...

 The Trevi Fountain is actually in the middle of being restored at the moment, but you can still envision how grand this fountain actually is;
                                                             (pictures go from right to left) 
After seeing the Trevi Fountain, dusk was beginning to fall, so I decided to have some gelato! One scoop of mint and one scoop of strawberry (my two favourites ❤) while walking back to our hotel.

This city is truly magical and felt more alive and atmospheric at night, especially under the beautiful lighting of Christmas!  During our walk home, we also stumbled upon a truly hidden gem (opposite our hotel) called San Carlo al Corso; which is a catholic church that was just breathtaking!

Day 2 in Rome

Waking up in Rome felt so surreal and I knew there was another busy day ahead of I started my morning with a lovely breakfast and a pot of English breakfast tea!  After breakfast I decided to go straight to the Colosseum, which was around a 20 minute walk from the hotel.  

It's amazing to think that the Colosseum was built in 70AD and there is still excavation work taking place, unearthing more of Rome's beautiful history.  The ruins that surrounded the area reminded me of my trip to Pompeii...I also seen my first ever hooded crow here too    (I'm definitely a secret bird watcher!)

My next stop after visiting the Colosseum was to be The Vatican, which is another city on its own! This was located around 25 minutes from the hotel.  I didn't arrive here until 1pm and the queues were unfortunately too big for me, as I needed time to prepare for my Wolford event!   However, I was still in St Peter's Square and extremely content in the awe of the buildings that surrounded me.

Wolford's #Update your legs Grand Finale Event  

After ticking everything from my 'to do list,' I rushed back to the Grand Hotel Plaza in an attempt to prepare myself for the evening.  I curled my hair with my GHD straighteners, prepped my skin, then done my makeup.  

I already had my outfit planned; Maje dress, Burberry Mottram Trench Coat, Christian Louboutin's Very Prive 140mm with my Burberry Studded Hobo Bag.  All I had left was to decide on what tights to wear to the event!! 

A Fraction of my collection I took to Rome with me...better to have more than less :]
I had always envisioned my dress with the Wolford Linnea tights...however, this was one pair of tights I actually didn't own.  But luckily enough my partner purchased them from Wolford's Rome Boutique the day before and gave them to me them as a gift      

I will also be publishing a review of the Linnea tights for you very shortly too!
Maje Dress with Wolford Linnea Tights

The event was held at the  Wolford Boutique on Via Frattina 90, which was an intimate venue in the heart of Rome's city centre. 

 Picture by Luca Cavallari
At the store Maria and I met up with Cat (the other winner).  I am so grateful that I met two lovely ladies, I couldn't of asked for anyone better to share this experience with
 Picture by Luca Cavallari 

With the store manager of the Rome boutique
Picture by Luca Cavallari 

Silvia Azzali of Wolford Italy, (in the middle)
Picture by Luca Cavallari 

 The lovely Marta and Adriana showing off their Wolford Niki Tights
Picture by Luca Cavallari 

 With Italian bloggers Fabrizia Sienna and Eleonora Branca 
Picture by Luca Cavallari

Here we are with the authors of the book; Daniela Farnese, Nadia Busato, Alessandra Airo and Eliselle    And I'm proud to announce that my legs are going to be published in Wolford's book called "Update your legs" which you can download via Amazon for free!

This whole experience has been so magical!  I have met so many unforgettable people; who I hope to meet again someday!  Also made some amazing memories and made new friends, who I will treasure forever!  And again I would like to say a massive thank you to Wolford including Kerstin Scholl, Matteo Petruzzellis, Silvia Azzali and Giulia Bianchi for making all of this happen

Dress: Maje    ||    Tights: Wolford Linnea    ||    Shoes: Christian Louboutin


  1. What a great experience this must have been. Thanks for sharing it with your readers.

    1. It was an absolutely amazing experience and I will definitely be cherishing the memories.

      And thank you for taking the time to read it! x

  2. We all envy you! Rome is a wonderful place to visit and getting to know two more top bloggers and all the people from Wolford must have been an amazing experience. Hopefully, we'll see many more hosiery reviews in your blog, now that you've go new pairs (we envy you for that, too, hehe).
    We really hope you've had a great time. Take care and Merry Christmas XX

    1. Aww thank you, Rome is a truly wonderful place and most definitely an amazing experience! I just still cant believe it that Wolford chose my picture and now my legs are published in a book...this is material you can only dream of, haha ❤ !!

      And yes, I will most definitely will be featuring many more hosiery reviews in my blog; this is mostly what my blog will consist of! Especially with the amount of tights I have....I need to show them all off!

      Thanks guys for taking the time to read my blog, I really do appreciate it! and If I don't manage to speak to you before Christmas, hope you all have a magical time! ❤