Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Recent advances in the understanding of rosacea.....

Sorry about the lack of writing....I've had a really bad past couple of weeks!
1) Had a massive rosacea flare up which resulted in being back on antibiotics as my eyesight was beginning to be affected again :']

My massive bag of drugs, haha!

Two good things have happened though....alot of research has recently been published by a German doctor. 
If you have rosacea i really suggest you read it! 
Miracle rosacea gel!

I am now two weeks into my six weeks course of antibiotics and two weeks into my eight course of Metrosa Gel and I can honestly say my rosacea has significantly calmed down! 
(I may post more about this if anyone is interested about the course)

I have type two rosacea known as acne rosacea, so the antibiotics combat the spots etc and the metrosa gel combats the redness!
If anyone wants pictures, just ask and I will put them up here.
2) Some reprobate tried to break into my house to steal my car.....

It really frustrates me as I work hard for all my possessions.  I hate the way someone thinks they can just take that from you!!!
It's like if you want something; Go out and work for it.....absolute scum!!
So yep, spent crazy money installing HD CCTV and at the moment I'm trying to get myself back to normal.

So onwards and upwards to as my doctor says "perfect skin" and  "feeling safe at home"



  1. It angers me so much when people break into places like they just see the opportunity and yet they can't be bothered to work for things!

    Metrosa hasn't worked for my Rosacea yet :( xx

    1. Tell me about it, got CCTV now.....just in case!

      Metrosa has been amazing for me, but I think it depends on what type of rosacea you have....will comment on you blog now :]