Monday, 17 November 2014

Efracea Rosacea - my new treatment plan (Doxycyline)

So the past few months have been experimental for me in terms of my rosacea treatment.

Initially I was prescribed oxytetracycline 250mg for six weeks, along with Metrosa gel 0.75% and I must say the improvement in the redness and 'rosacea acne' was very substantial. 
So much so that even people in work noticed the difference in how much clearer my skin was.

After my six weeks course was over I booked an appointment to see my amazing doctor who immediately noticed the difference in my skin...which is also flattering! 
Thats when we discussed the next stages of my treatment; he advised me to carry on with the Metrosa gel as this combats the redness and if I wanted to, I could try the new antibiotic for 8 weeks designed to combat acne rosacea.  It's called Efracea and is 40mg slow releasing antibiotic.  From what I have read from research papers (linked in previous rosacea blog post) it releases 30mg initially, then throughout the day will slowly release the additional 10mg, as it has specially designed beads.

My verdict

Well Efracea is very efficient, as I have not had any hard boil like spots at all lately...which is extremely positive news! 
It has definitely started to rebuild my confidence now that my skin is finally clear and if this post helps just one person who suffers with rosacea i will be happy. 

So yes I definitely recommend ❤

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