Sunday, 29 November 2015

Tights PERFECT for the Party Season - Pretty Polly Nude Shimmer Review

When I received an email from Courtaulds asking if I would like to review some of their Pretty Polly products; I literally jumped for joy and squealed with excitement!!
Pretty Polly are undoubtedly one of the best British hosiery brands of all time and have been dressing legs beautifully since 1919!  They're proud to be an iconic British superbrand  & the home of House of Holland tights. From Sheers to Opaques, sleek Naturals to timeless Nylons.  For everyday through to Ultra-fashionable, Pretty Polly ensure that your legs are better-than-bare!

Pretty Polly Shimmer Tights

Design and Material
How Pretty Polly describe them;     
  • Dress your legs to impress this season
  • Key fashion statement for every occasion
"Shimmer away this Autumn/Winter with these stunning sheer Lurex Tights from Pretty Polly.  Perfect for dressing up any outfit and creating a bold, pretty look.  Feel extra special this year in Pretty Polly's shimmer tights."

The shimmer tights are 75% Nylon, 19% Elastane and 6% Metallised Polyester. (excluding waistband)

Now these tights are truly eye catching; especially as there is metallic threads woven throughout the knit; the amount of compliments I received from wearing these for my friends birthday party was astronomical! The quality of the tights is truly outstanding and considering it was 4°C. and I had to walk for ten minutes to get to the venue; I was lovely and warm thanks to these tights!

While putting my tights on I wore my hosiery gloves to protect them, although the Lurex tights feel more robust compared to many other brands...


Pretty Polly's Shimmer tights are available in one size; which amazingly covers a vast range of sizes.

I'm 5ft 4, weigh 45kg and have 30" hips and the tights fit literally like a glove once on.   
(I truly am an one size fits all convert!!)

Colour and Price

The Shimmer tights are available from Pretty Polly in both black and nude and cost just £10.00!

How to wear Pretty Polly's Shimmer Tights?

You can wear these tights with pretty much everything as they're extremely versatile.  Even though I wore these with a dress, I wouldn't think twice about wearing them casually with shorts and Converse.  Especially in the Summer months; seriously imagine the shine from these when the sun is shining would be so beautiful!!



What more can I say other than the fact that these tights are perfect, especially for this time of year now that we are fast approaching the Christmas party season.  The quality is outstanding and the metallic threads that run through the knit literally make your legs sparkle; especially when your legs catch the light!

Seriously what more could you want from a pair of tights!?

 You can purchase Pretty Polly's Shimmer tights from here; 

Dress: Armani    ||    Tights: Pretty Polly    ||    Heels: YSL  


  1. There should be more women like you! wearng and writing about pantyhose.

    1. In UK most women wear tights...but I agree there should be more people writing about them.

      That's mostly the reason why I started my blog, as I'd often search for how tights would look on and could never find anything.❤

  2. This review has me going to order a pair.

    1. I'm pleased to hear; you will love them! ❤

      Let me know what you think.


  3. They look great! I'm sure you look good in just about anything.

    1. Thanks lovely!

      I think these are definitely fast becoming, one of my favourite pair of tights! They're just so different to anything else that I own too! ❤

      Thanks for taking your time to read my blog, it's massively appreciated :]

  4. You look awesome in these glittery tights. Love your outfit. And in this party season, these tights should be a real winner.

    I've tried tights like these in the past (admittedly, not PP but cheaper brands) and they've always been rough and a little scratchy. And even though it's a lurex thread, I always left a trail of glitter wherever I walked / sat. Is this the case with these tights?

    Thank again for your wonderful positive outlook on the world of tights!

    1. Thank you lovely! ❤

      I wouldn't say these are rough and likely to catch on anything, but they feel sturdy...if they make sense? (it would be hard to get them caught on anything)

      Fortunately these definitely don't leave a trail of glitter...although that does sound amazingly beautiful haha!

      And thank you for your lovely comment as always! ❤

  5. now these I would love to buy but everything about sizing is ok except the weight if it went up to 175 pounds I would buy them to wear

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  8. just got these tights 4 days ago and they are fantastic the look once I put them on the feel etc. I just love wearing them very hot looking. Fit was perfect I know size says 5'to 5'10" 160 pounds max weight up to 42 hips. Was wondering if they would fit me height and hips sizing was ok for me weight was the issue I am 5' 7" 192 pounds 40 hips 33 waist 21 thighs and they fit perfect not even tight had room to spare. Hope this helps others in sizing. If your measurements compare to mine they will fit.

    1. I'm really glad that you love them and thanks for sharing this info! ❤

    2. These are fantastic I just love wearing them