Thursday, 27 November 2014

#UpdateYourLegs - Wolford Competition Update

This week I had a massive shock to find an email and a facebook post telling me that I was one of the winners of the Wolford update your legs competition!!!

Well i nearly died as I am a person who has never ever won anything...not even bingo!!
And to actually win a trip to Rome...this just never happens to me...ever!!
UPDATE: You can check how the final in Rome went via my blog post HERE!

Wolford Compeition Winners ❤

I definitely had to read the post a few times as I was so overwhelmed and just didn't believe a massive thank you to anyone who voted for me ❤
So I will now be going to Rome in just five days time and a lovely lady at Wolford called Kerstin has been organising it all for me! 

I'm super excited, but also very nervous as this is taking me completely out of my comfort zone. 
But I suppose it's good to do things that you normally wouldn't do and break the cycle of your normal working day; get up, go to work, go home, eat, prepare for bed, sleep...then start the cycle again tomorrow!
So yes this will definitely be an adventure and I will be posting pictures of the beautiful that is Rome.

Once again thank you to anyone who may of voted for me and to Wolford for holding a competition where the fans can share their own visual ideas ❤

And now onto deciding which tights do I wear to or how I do my hair!!!


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