Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Wolford Hero Tights Review - Black

Wolford Hero Tights
Wolford Hero Tights
The Wolford Hero tights (black/black) which are a bondage style pair of tights that I have always longed for as I stupidly missed the opportunity to purchase them in 2010.

However, years of searching Ebay have finally paid off ❤ 

Wolford Hero Tights

 Not only did I find the black/black Hero tights, but the same seller was also selling the sahara/black version too, never even worn!  So I was seriously willing to pay up to £45 a pair, but managed to get both for £20....I could of cried (with happiness of course) haha!

As per usual the outstanding Wolford quality is present and the super smooth feeling of them on my legs is amazing! My favourite is definitely the sahara version of the 'Hero Tights', so will be posting pictures of them too ❤ 

 You never know what you will discover on Ebay, most probably sold by secret tight hoarders like myself.  Is there any Wolford tights you have ever longed for!?


Just to let everyone know I finish my antibiotics for my rosacea in five days (not that I'm counting :]) and my skin is amazing, everyone keeps commenting on how well it looks.  So will be posting about my experience soon!



  1. What antibiotics were you given for your Rosacea? None have worked for me so far! xx

    1. oxytetracycline and now doxycycline 40 mg slow releasing.....I will respond on your blog :]


  2. These are my favourites, I need these tights in my life 😭 Perfect legs beautiful X