Monday, 1 September 2014

A Snippet from my Wolford Tights Collection

My Wolford Tight Collection
 I think I have a slight obsession when it comes to Wolford Tights......or maybe I'm just an obsessive hoarder with Wolford.  This is a snippet of some of my collection, i have way more tights than this and I even have bodysuits by Wolford. 

Just to let everyone know that I am also changing my blog name from 'Lilac Beauty Trouble' to 'Tights and Ladders' 

As personally I feel that Lilac Beauty Trouble was just not catchy enough.  Of course I will still be writing about my rosacea battles, gaming etc.  But I will also do more reviews and pictures of my tights.
As whenever I go to purchase new tights; I will always look on google images to see if there are any pictures of them not in a professional model environment.....basically pictures of normal everyday people wearing them and quite often I find there is not any!

So please if you want to carry on reading ensure you save my new URL or follow me as it will take a while for google to recognise the name change and I hope you enjoy the new layout and are you a secret tight hoarder!?



  1. I love tights, but find I end up laddering them immediately, so I only buy Primark ones, that way I don't care! xx

    1. Very true, I pulled my Wolford ones and it literally knocked me sick, haha!

      My mum also just purchased me some from primark for work and I'm seriously amazed by how nice they you said before; I dont care if I ladder them :]