Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Hidden Gems to discover in TK Maxx

Every couple of weeks I always go to Tk Maxx to see what 'bargains'  I can discover, even though quite often the store is mostly a miss rather than a hit!

However sometimes you will be surprised at what you get there.....

The Kooples

I got these amazing shorts for £11 in the sale!

Look at them cute skulls ♡


 I got this lovely nail set for £10.

My fave is definitely this pink though ♡
However, I must admit I dont like the Caviar beads, they get stuck on everything and can ruin be very careful!

Warm Tobacco + Oak Candle (DW Home)

Okay, this may sound disgusting to some people but I actually love the smell of tobacco scented candles.

hopefully this will crackle as it burns ♡

This candle has a wooden wick, which reminds me of an English company called Woodwick who's candles crackle and snap while burning.....which is a lovely soothing sound on a cold winter's night.  

 And I actually found a Helmut Lang draped jersey cardigan a couple of weeks ago and a pair of Wolford tights.....!

What's been your greatest find in TK Maxx?


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