Sunday, 11 September 2016

Girardi Cristine Opaque Lace Top Hold Ups Review - UK Tights

Apologies for the lack of posting via my blog, Twitter and Instagram lately.  For some of you that don't know; I work full-time in a demanding role managing accounts worth over a few million pound, and from May - July we have an increase in spending to ensure all our money is spent etc.  So I do sincerely apologise for the lack of updates, but as you can imagine my job is my top priority. 

So with all that out of the way, let's get down to business on these Girardi hold ups from UK Tights!

Since as early as 1933, Girardi brand name has been synonym of both sophisticated ladies elegance and top quality products.  They produce all our items inside our works in Reggio Emilia where the attention to every tiny detail accompanies their passion for hosiery.  Special attention is given to the choice of precious yarns, that is made according to the strictest standards, so that we are able to give our special touch feeling and comfort - which of course what really matters.  Who wants to wear  a pair of scratchy cheaply knitted items!?

Girardi Cristine Hold Ups

Design and Material

How UK Tights describe them;     
  • 50 denier
  • Matt opaque leg
  • Precious French lace
"Girardi always seem to be able to bring beauty and practicality together in the same place. Cristine is the prime example of how gorgeous leg wear can still be worn even in more challenging weather.  A precious lace top and a thicker, coloured leg go together famously and yet they don't sacrifice anything to the winter cold to look this good.  The perfect winter fashion hold ups."

The hold ups are 86% Nylon and 14% Elastane.

I got these in the colour marine; which initially concerned me, as I thought they may not go well with my black clothing...but you honestly wouldn't notice that these are not black.  The best way to describe them maybe is like a light black, if that's possible!? But hey, I'll let all my lovely readers decide! ❤ 

  • As soon as you take these out the packet, you can't help but notice the French lace on the hold ups is really beautiful and not flimsy in the slightest - I used the lace to pull these up, and even with my nails it didn't catch!
  •  These are an 'evenly matt' finish and because of this they are more hard wearing!  - so if you prefer shiny/sheen hold ups, then these aren't for you!

  •  They look super tiny when opening the packet, so please don't be too alarmed - they do stretch!
  • The fit of these is great and the elasticity in the holds ups is really strong - I wore these for eight hours! As yes there is nothing worse than; 
    a). having to continuously pull or your hold ups or  
    b). Resorting to wearing hair bobbles around your thighs to keep them up!! 
     True story, this actually happened to me at a Christening! haha - (pictures are on Twitter)
  • These are great if you are petite like me - I'm normally wary of trying different 'hold up' brands other than Wolford as they have a tendency to make them for people who are of a super model height...rather than tiny people like me!  But I can confirm, if you're petite Girardi will be great for you! - Thanks UK Tights for your insightful information!
  • They don't have a reinforced toe - but as they're 50 denier, this shouldn't cause any issues.


This is my first time trying Girardi hold ups, and as UK Tights informed me, any of the Italian brands are great for petite girls like me.

So just FYI; I'm 5ft 4" and weigh 44kg so that puts me just within the size  '1' category.  Although I would always go for the smallest sizing, due to my thin legs!

Colour and Price

The Cristine hold ups are available in various colours; black, marine, (the colour I wore - which is a light black) bordo, griggio and panno and they cost £14.99! ❤ 

My Outfit 

I wore these with a black skirt, open chest body and of course a beautiful pair of heels Although you could wear these with most things as they just give the appearance of tights; unless your stocking top decides to makes a cheeky appearance!

Overall Opinion

For once I've managed to find a brand of hold ups, other than Wolford that can fit my petite frame...thanks once again to the knowledge of UK Tights.

These are a really comfortable to wear, really smooth on your skin - I wore these for over eight hours with no issues.  I would say these will be great for the upcoming autumn/winter months.  Although I did wear these in the middle of summer. (I'm always cold as a person...but I'm going with the cold hands, warm heart theory!)

The silicone is super strong and sticks to your skin like glue, so just shows the quality of them.  The  French lace is truly beautiful and great quality.  This really does matter in my opinion, because if lace isn't done correctly it can literally make an item look cheap.

I will definitely be reaching for these again in the future, and I would highly suggest to my readers to check out Girardi.  Their designs are so intricate and completely different to most manufacturers that this really does make does them stand out from the crowd!

Let me know your thoughts below!

 You can purchase Girardi's Cristine hold ups from UK Tights here;

Skirt: Maje    ||    Body: Armani    ||    Hold ups: Girardi    ||     Bag: Saint Laurent    ||    
Shoes: Saint Laurent


  1. No way would I think these weren't black! Also the hairband round the leg to keep hold ups up, a very inspired move but glad to see you don't need to do that here.

    Kudos to UK tights for providing you with information you can rely on, the lace detail is really nice and its great to know they actually stay up and no problems with them coming unstuck.

    Great to have you back and it goes without saying that work will always be number 1 priority, just know it's always appreciated when you post here with your reviews. Always honest and long may you continue :-)

  2. What a nice review! We knew Girardi was a brand you had to try! They look amazing on you. So natural and elegant! Hopefully you will never have to suffer hold ups that don't stay! Thanks for taking the time to review our hold ups. Now we hope you can wear them over and over :)
    UK Tights team

  3. Great to see you back. Like the lace top hold ups. Lovely reveiw as always

  4. Stunning truly stunning, and what a great review �� Look forward to your next

  5. I think the hold ups look very nice on you,go right up to the top of your leg,and highlight your legs and the outfit you are wearing,i also like your glasses,suit your face and highlight your eyes,the hold up price is quite high but if they fit and wear well they are worth the money.

  6. What awesome hold ups! And I love the body and skirt ... the whole outfit looks super cute on you.

    And like Matt says above, I can't believe they are not black! I think your last picture in this review 'hints at' the marine colour!

    And finally, great to see you on your blog again ... have missed reading your reviews!