Wednesday, 28 May 2014

My Skincare Routine that helps treat my rosacea

As you may know in the past I have had a major issue with trying to find products that worked for my rosacea, quite often i would literally waste my money on products that claimed to be 'anti redness' or best for 'dry skin'. 

That was until I discovered Dermalogica after endless hours of google searches and had a skin mapping service, which confirmed that my dry, red, weird spots were indeed rosacea.

So first I will run you through what I use;

Okay so Preclense is an oil based cleanser (smells ever so soothing) which you will apply a few drops to dry hands and massage over your face and eyes, then I wet my hands and continue to massage into my face.  I will then use a wet lukewarm muslin cloth to carry on cleaning my face, once complete I will use a face towel to gently pat dry my skin.

Using the same principal as preclense, I will apply Ultracalming Cleanser to my hands (small five pence size) and massage into my face, neck and closed eyes.  Again using a lukewarm muslin cloth to remove the products and will gently pat my skin dry again.

Okay so this may say daily, but I tend to use this once every two-three days.  It is by far the MOST gentle exfoliate I have ever used, I just wouldnt be without it.  After using my preclense and cleanser I will then put a very small pool of water into my hand and add half a teaspoon of the microfoliant into my wet hand and rub my hands together....all sounds strange I know, but it really does work!  This will then create a creamy, soft paste which I will then apply to my face (avoiding the eyes) and leave for around 1 minute.  I will then rinse with warm water and pat my face dry with a towel.  
I always make sure I use this prior to applying makeup as foundation ALWAYS manages to stick to any dry patches, making them more obvious!

Now being totally honest I dont really know if the 'Ultracalming mist' actually does much to calm my skin, but after doing the above I will spray this and again pat into my skin followed by the amazing serum concentrate.  

With the serum concentrate I will apply directly to the areas affected by rosacea (so from my nose downwards to my chin).  I know on a few occasions, when I've been lazy and not used the serum concentrate, my red mask from rosacea begins to this is definitely a must have for me and again smells ever so soothing too, so definitely a bonus!

Skin Smoothing Cream;

 Now this cream has been AMAZING for treating my skin and for actually bringing some moisture back, I will actually use a 5 pence sized drop in my hand and gently rub in avoiding the eye area.  Whenever I have a flare up though, I will stop using the skin smoothing cream and use Barrier Repair instead as I find this will help control the redness and tenderness.  This is because the skin smoothing cream can be slightly heavy when you experience a flare up (thats what I have discovered) plus its meant to put a barrier on your skin to help.

Prior to using the skin smoothing cream my skin was physically that dry, that you could see flakes of skin on my face and when I would actually brush my hand over my skin, you would see flakes of skin fall.....sounds horrible, I know.....but thats how bad my skin was! 

Obviously what works for me, it may not work for everyone but this is just what I have discovered works best for my rosacea after wasting hundreds of pounds on useless products and searching the internet for endless hours.

The cheapest place to purchase Dermalogica is from Zest Beauty and they're also authorised dealers.  As for a muslin cloth, I just get mine from Home & Bargains for i think around 80p (◡‿◡✿)

I will post more about flare ups and what I do to 'try' and control them in my next post.

Thanks for taking your time to read this and if you have any questions, please just ask and I will be happy to answer.


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  1. So, is that all you use, or are you looking for something new to add to the lineup?