Friday, 24 October 2014

Things to do in Sorrento - Pompeii

Ever since I was young child, I have been obsessed with Pompeii and have watched numerous documentaries on the matter.  This also included watching Pink Floyd's 'Live at Pompeii' on more than one occasion...which most probably fueled my obsession

When I initially booked my holiday, Kuoni wanted £79 per person for Pompeii excursion (if I remember right) and you can only do it on certain days.  Plus I wanted the freedom of just wandering around for hours in the awe of Mount Vesuvius and seeing exactly what I wanted to see.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Wolford Artiste Tights Review - Black

wolford tights blog
Cute little laces all the way up from your feet to stockings height
The Wolford Artiste are a lace up boot effect tight; where the laces go up to stay-up height from the end of your foot.  

Now these are most definitely a statement kind of tights; yes we all know most Wolford are...but I normally find it easy to put an outfit together that will compliment my tights.  So after trying on numerous outfits as I was soon to find out that you just want to wear something simple with these tights!
 So I found the best thing to do is; pair these bold tights with something not so bold e.g. bodycon skirt/dress and some lovely heels! 

Friday, 10 October 2014

Wolford Competition - Update My Legs

Okay, so I seen on my instagram that Wolford are running a competition where you enter your picture fitting the 'female legs' theme, so I decided to enter my Mirella one from instagram.

As I have not had facebook for over five years this meant I had to reactivate mine :']

so yes this is where I will beg for you to vote for me ♥ 

Please vote for me here;

I will be eternally grateful for your vote and forever your slave......

My picture - vote for this please ❤ 

Sunday, 5 October 2014

My Sorrento Escape

So back in January my partner and I booked a holiday to Sorrento with Kuoni in Liverpool One and at the time it seemed a million miles away.  But as we all know time flies and at last my holiday was here and it was definitely worth the wait  

We stayed in the Grand Hotel De La Ville for 5 beautiful nights on a half board basis and within seconds of being here we definitely did not regret Kuoni's choice on the hotel.  The location of the hotel was amazing as it was literally within a 2 minute walk from the town centre and the train station.  This definitely came in handy for our trips to the Isle of Capri, Almafi Coast, Pompeii and to Positano.  The food in the hotel was also perfect as I am an extremely fussy vegetarian and was worried as to whether they would cater for me, but they had a varied selection including different types of pasta, pizza and omelette.  Do you ever worry over silly things too?