Wednesday, 28 May 2014

My Skincare Routine that helps treat my rosacea

As you may know in the past I have had a major issue with trying to find products that worked for my rosacea, quite often i would literally waste my money on products that claimed to be 'anti redness' or best for 'dry skin'. 

That was until I discovered Dermalogica after endless hours of google searches and had a skin mapping service, which confirmed that my dry, red, weird spots were indeed rosacea.

So first I will run you through what I use;

Okay so Preclense is an oil based cleanser (smells ever so soothing) which you will apply a few drops to dry hands and massage over your face and eyes, then I wet my hands and continue to massage into my face.  I will then use a wet lukewarm muslin cloth to carry on cleaning my face, once complete I will use a face towel to gently pat dry my skin.

Using the same principal as preclense, I will apply Ultracalming Cleanser to my hands (small five pence size) and massage into my face, neck and closed eyes.  Again using a lukewarm muslin cloth to remove the products and will gently pat my skin dry again.

Saturday, 17 May 2014

A Beautiful Game......that just needs to be spoken about!

I was initially going to purchase this game direct from the PSN as I thought the deluxe edition may be super pricey!  But to my surprise it's the same price from the PSN as it is from Tesco (£15) but i get loads of amazing goodies too!

Anyway I just wanted to show you a couple of pics to show you just how beautiful this edition really is.....