Thursday, 27 November 2014

#UpdateYourLegs - Wolford Competition Update

This week I had a massive shock to find an email and a facebook post telling me that I was one of the winners of the Wolford update your legs competition!!!

Well i nearly died as I am a person who has never ever won anything...not even bingo!!
And to actually win a trip to Rome...this just never happens to me...ever!!
UPDATE: You can check how the final in Rome went via my blog post HERE!

Wolford Compeition Winners ❤

Monday, 17 November 2014

Efracea Rosacea - my new treatment plan (Doxycyline)

So the past few months have been experimental for me in terms of my rosacea treatment.

Initially I was prescribed oxytetracycline 250mg for six weeks, along with Metrosa gel 0.75% and I must say the improvement in the redness and 'rosacea acne' was very substantial. 
So much so that even people in work noticed the difference in how much clearer my skin was.