Saturday, 17 May 2014

A Beautiful Game......that just needs to be spoken about!

I was initially going to purchase this game direct from the PSN as I thought the deluxe edition may be super pricey!  But to my surprise it's the same price from the PSN as it is from Tesco (£15) but i get loads of amazing goodies too!

Anyway I just wanted to show you a couple of pics to show you just how beautiful this edition really is.....

Just look at how much detail has gone into that poster....! The paper is really thick quality too, not like many other special editions I have wasted my time buying.  Often I find myself scared to touch half of my game posters in case I damage them (I dont know whether this is my OCD again though) so this is a refreshing change at a quarter of the price of most special editions.

Here is a few snaps from the artbook too;

Super pretty and again amazingly high quality paper used too!

This game doesn't have a platinum trophy, or even a gold trophy as a matter of fact....but it doesn't stop this game being stunningly amazing!

Last but not least, you get your code to download the game from the psn, a bonus digital content of the Golem Pack and the Dark Aurora Pack and of course the cutest keyring I now own, igniculus!

 Hope you have enjoyed all pictures as much as I have enjoyed sharing them!

Love Kay



  1. Hey nerd!

    Yeah, limited editions are usually only worth it when it comes with stuff like this, and not stupid statues lol
    Glad you're having fun with this game, and thanks for sharing this beautiful game I can't get :P
    You finally posted game stuff, and I can't wait for more!

  2. Hey, thanks geek :]

    Glad you appreciate the game's hard trying to balance as obviously I'm a massive gamer....but then I want to try to tell people about rosacea too >___<

    But in regards to this game the Ltd edition is definitely worth as to why the USA dont get it though eh! Wonder why they have done that......and dont say its because the EU get everything, as that is a massive lie, haha :P


    1. Well that's fine, if it's okay with you, I want to know everything about you. You are pretty awesome.
      Well I will say that the EU only stuff you guys get is WAY better then the US only stuff about 80% of the time.
      Keep in touch, and keep posting Kayleigh! Can't wait to read more ;D