Saturday, 6 September 2014

Christian Louboutin Patent Leather Peep Toe 140mm

Christian Louboutin Patent Leather Peep Toe 140mm
 Ever since being a teenage girl; I always dreamed of owning a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes...and now I own 2 pairs.  The shoe above is known as the Altadama patent leather with 140mm heel, which i believe is a 5½ inch heel.  I also have the Maryl peep toe 120mm in patent leather.

Up until a year ago I must admit I could barely walk in heels and now I'm not doing too bad.  The secret is definitely in the width of the heel and making sure you balance your weight correctly.  Everyone always used to tell me to 'Wear heels around the house and you will be fine'  But seriously there is only so much distance you can cover in a house.  The best way I found was to purchase a shoe with a thicker heel (mine was 3½ inch in height ) and just go for it....making sure you don't put your weight to the front of the shoe ♥.

With Christian Louboutin's the soles can wear down fast, so yes that amazing red paint does fade on the base.  So next year I am planning on going to Paris and while I'm there will definitely be visiting Minuit Moins 7.  This is the only place that uses the official Christian Louboutin rubber red protective soles.  One has also just opened in London too, but I have read so many mixed rather than take any risks will just take them with me to Paris.

 I find providing you purchase the right shoe and you take care of them, they can definitely last for years!  Plus they look amazing with Wolford tights ♥.

What do you think of Christian Louboutin's?



  1. Hi! I'm incredibly sorry for getting back to you so late from your comment on my 'about' page possibly ages ago - I don't get notifications from there that's why I didn't know..

    In reply to your question I use the Canon 600D with a mixture of the standard 18-55mm kit lens as well as the 50mm one :) x

    Anita | AllThingsAnita

    1. Oh no, seriously don't worry about is definitely temperamental at times :]

      And thanks for responding anyway, your pictures are lovely ♥

      I think i will definitely have to invest in a new camera. At the moment; I'm just using a normal compact (not the best eh) haha!

      Again thanks for letting me know ♥ X

  2. So totally jealous, but I am terrible in walking in heels however much I practice!! They look amazing xx

    1. Thank you lovely!!

      I was exactly the same with heels as I was such a tomboy, haha!

      But i think as long as you start off with a thick heel and ensure you rest your weight at the back and not front you will be fine ♥