Friday, 24 October 2014

Things to do in Sorrento - Pompeii

Ever since I was young child, I have been obsessed with Pompeii and have watched numerous documentaries on the matter.  This also included watching Pink Floyd's 'Live at Pompeii' on more than one occasion...which most probably fueled my obsession

When I initially booked my holiday, Kuoni wanted £79 per person for Pompeii excursion (if I remember right) and you can only do it on certain days.  Plus I wanted the freedom of just wandering around for hours in the awe of Mount Vesuvius and seeing exactly what I wanted to see.
So to get from Sorrento to Pompeii, it's actually really easy (if I can do it, anyone can).   
You just get the train from Sorrento and ask for a return ticket to Pompeii, which cost €4.80.  I must say Trains in Italy are actually really cheap considering the cost of train fares in the U.K.  
The train station you get off at is called Pompeii Scavi, so you cant miss it

However, when I got off the train it does look like you are in the middle of nowhere and there are no clear signs telling you which direction to head for....which scared me a little to be honest.  Plus there will be lots of different groups; Taxi's, ticket touts asking if you want to go to Pompeii.  But do just ignore them if you want to do your own thing, you definitely do not need a taxi!  

Pompeii is literally a minute walk from the station, just go right as you come out and its on your cannot miss it!

Tickets into Pompeii cost either €20.00; if you want the full five sites, or €10.00 if you just want Pompeii.  You can also buy a ticket that includes headphones etc if you want.  
So yes we already saved so much money by not buying our Pompeii excursion through Kuoni!

So after many years of being obsessed with Pompeii, I finally got to go and it definitely did not disappoint and I will now share my pictures with you and of course I'm wearing sheer tights!

I hope you enjoy them

I actually didn't realise how many pictures of Pompeii i have, we spent 6 amazing hours here.

The amphitheatre was without a doubt my favourite!  I stayed in there for around 30 minutes and had to listen to Pink Floyd 'Live in Pompeii'.  It felt so surreal

Hope you have enjoyed my pictures and I will definitely be going back next year to do the other four sites!



  1. I'm glad you had so much fun, it's looks really amazing

  2. Definitely a metal head/history buff/tights wearing after my own heart! Pompeii is one of those places that's on my bucket list to see before I die.

    1. Hi Rob!

      Thanks for the comment...I most definitely am ❤

      I'm guessing you have also watched countless hours of documentaries on Pompeii too!!
      Even after hours of watching them myself, it still couldn't prepare me for the vastness and beauty of the place! You without a doubt need to go there, you will adore it ❤

      Thanks for popping by; hope to speak to you soon again!

  3. I love looking at these photos!! Feel like I would love to get lost for hours just wondering around!

    Need to arrange getting over to see it all! The northern lights are top of my list at the moment though, would be a dream come true Xx