Sunday, 22 February 2015

Adrian - Dora Tights Review

The lovely Laddernot team have kindly sent me a pair of tights from a Polish brand called Adrian to try. 
I hope you all enjoy! 

Adrian is a Polish tights company and was established in 1984 and are currently the second largest hosiery factory in Poland.  They pride themselves on producing high quality products and produce almost 1 million pairs of tights and socks a month!

Adrian Dora Tights

About Laddernot;    
"Laddernot has come to life as an alternative option for people bored of just plain tights.  Being Polish, I decided to promote our own designers and manufacturers who produce the highest quality of hosiery."


Design and Material
The Dora tights are 40 Denier and consist of 85% Polyamide and 15% Elastane.

The unusual buckle design is actually printed onto the tights; which surprised they actually look knitted into the nylon.

You definitely cant miss how silky smooth they feel on your skin (the quality of the knit is absolutely outstanding!)  You will also notice that the tights produce a beautiful shine in certain lights!

I have tried my best to capture this for you as they are ever so pretty!! ❤

I recommend wearing gloves when applying tights to protect them.  It is the most heart-breaking moment when you accidentally snag your tights, which could of easily been avoided by wearing these specially designed gloves. 


Laddernot sent me a 3 M size, which initially, I thought that the tights may not actually fit my legs...because judging by their size guide, I would be a 2 S.

But I can honestly say after wearing these tights for  around six hours that I didn't notice any issues in regards to the size.  Not even once did I have to adjust them after putting them on.  This surprised me considering that I'm 163cm in height and only have a 76cm hip!

The quality of the knit is amazing, so this could possibly be why!?

Colour and Price

The Dora tights are available from Laddernot in dark grey and I believe that they're also available from Adrian's website in different skin tones.  The grey colour really is beautiful and actually appeared similar to black nylon, once it was stretched over my skin!

The  recommended retail price is an amazing £7.90 and I would highly suggest following Laddernot on Twitter, as they offer great promotions!

How to wear Adrian Dora Tights?

These tights could definitely be worn in many different ways and are extremely versatile.  They would easily go with shorts, skirts or even a dress.
Although personally with a dress, I would keep it simple so the attention is brought to the tights



I'm ashamed to admit that prior to receiving the Adrian tights; I have actually never tried any Polish brands and I can now confess that I'm definitely a convert and will look forward to trying the other brands available!

The design is innovative, the quality of the knit is truly outstanding and the prices from Laddernot are really affordable; so yes I would definitely recommend Adrian tights!  

What do you think of the Adrian Dora tights?

Laddernot have a wide selection of designs available on their website, which can be purchased from here;

Coat: Burberry Mottram Trench    ||    Body: Wolford    ||    Skirt: Maje  
Tights: Adrian Dora Tights     ||    Shoes: Jessica Simpson


  1. i have many different styies of the adrian for men range my favorites are the blue 60 dener grating the most disapointing the camoflage style very hard to put on look to small but love the pattern

  2. Really? that's a shame...I actually love Camouflage too...although I don't know if I would be able to pull that off though :] ❤

    But yes they're really impressive and do lovely tights for men!


  3. those tights rock! wow! i thought the buckle design was actually part of your shoes at first! great review!

  4. kat was way better than you

    1. I actually love Kat, so don't get your point...or what the relevence of this subject really has to do with Adrian tights?

      But hey if you don't like my posts; you see that website address, or even that red cross...Use it :]

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