Sunday, 17 April 2016

My FIRST ever stockings review - Trasparenze Sara Stockings

Okay, so I've had these sat in my hosiery collection for over a year now, and thought that it was about time that I showed these off to all my readers, who have patiently been asking for reviews on stockings!  So yes this is slightly different to my 'normal' tights reviews...let me know your thoughts in the comments section, as I may do more varied posts featuring stockings if this is something everyone likes...?

Trasparenze is a magnificent Italian brand - specialising in both outstanding fashion products and a great range of basics. 

Trasparenze Sara Stockings

Design and Material
How UK Tights describe them;     
  •  20 denier
  • Soft Sheen Finish
  • Reinforced toe
  • Soft welt top
"Attractive stockings that are perfect for the woman who loves to wear nice hosiery for work. Reasonably priced for every day wear but good looking enough to feel special in them. Flat tops that lie close against your skin and a sheer 20 denier appearance with a soft luster and a reinforced toe."

The stockings are 85% Nylon and 15% Lycra.

Trasparenze have packaged the Sara stockings really well; although just be careful when removing them from the inner card as mine slightly snagged on this.  You can't help but notice how beautiful they look when you go to put these on;
  • As they're 20 denier the knit is so fine, but they look so pretty due to this
  • They literally glide over your skin like silk 
  • The welt at the top is lovely and thick; such great quality
  • Due to the reinforced toe; you simply cannot mistake which way to apply these.  As the last thing you would want to do is wear them back to front!
I truly felt amazing in these, although that could partially be due to the fact that I tend to mostly wear tights.  I didn't struggle at all attaching the Sara stockings to my Agent Provocateur stocking belt; unlike some Gio stockings that I once had...but that's another story!

Now you definitely need to wear hosiery gloves when applying these, as the knit is so fine and delicate.  Plus I found these very easy to snag on nails!


Now sizing is one thing that concerned me when purchasing stockings, due to my petite frame.  I'm 5ft 4" and weigh 45kg; so for my weight, I'm literally on the bottom of Trasparenze sizes;
I was so worried that they would either be too big on my legs or too high up for my stocking belt.  But thanks to UK Tights' knowledge, they guided towards Italian brands and they fit AMAZINGLY.  Seriously, if you ever need help be sure to contact them, as they're so helpful and knowledgeable!

Colour and Price

The Sara stockings are available in various colours; black, navy, playa (which seems to be skin toned), bianco seta and bianco.  The price is just £6.99! ❤ 

How to wear Trasparenze's Sara Stockings?

I feel that you could wear these for work as per UK Tights suggestion, as they're extremely comfy and literally didn't move from my stocking belt.  I decided to wear these in more of a dressed up style - like going for a meal/drinks with friends.  Although if you're feeling brave, I wouldn't think twice about wearing them with shorts; very Taylor Momsen esque!  


I actually love these stockings and would fully recommend them.  I can't believe that they're only £6.99; I have paid three times this amount for a pair of stockings for them be awful.  So I'm really impressed with these Sara stockings from Trasparenze.  

Not only are they beautiful, but they literally didn't move from my thighs and they actually fitted my ankles perfectly! (random to say I know; but I really struggle with material gathering and wrinkling around my ankles)  The only thing that lets them down is the fact that they're easy to snag, so please avoid everything like wooden chairs when wearing these; Although I find most hosiery items with low denier to be like this!

 Seen as this is my first 'official' review of stockings rather than tights; I hope you've enjoyed reading this, as much as I've enjoyed creating and sharing this with you! 

Please leave your thoughts below...

 You can purchase Trasparenze's Sara Stockings from UK Tights here; 

 Trasparenze Sara Stockings


Body: Wolford    ||    Skirt: Maje    ||    Stockings: Trasparenze    ||     
Stocking Belt: Agent Provacateur


  1. Like your review of these black stocking Kay. You can do some more review of stocking please

    1. Hi Iain,

      thanks for your comment; I'm glad that you enjoyed the review and yes I'll definitely have to do more reviews on stockings...this has received such a positive response from everyone.

      I'm so happy ❤

  2. Like your review of these black stocking Kay. You can do some more review of stocking please

  3. Thanks for reviewing our Trasparenze stockings!! We're glad they were easy to try on and nice to wear. Now you'll have to tell us that story about the Gio stockings! LOL!
    Fabulous review. Looking forward to more!

    1. Thank you! ❤

      This is my first time trying Trasparenze and I'm definitely a fan; can't wait to try/review more of their products.

      And oh god, I may share my story about the Gio day, haha!


  4. Great review of Trasparenze stockings! I read somewhere (very recently) that stockings are becoming popular again. I always thought stockings were limited to wedding nights and "erotic" dates. I would have thought that hold ups and tights would be easier to wear?? But, what do I know about women and their hosiery?

    You look great in these stockings, and they look like they fit really well! The colour looks awesome (yes, I know it's just black ... but they look amazing) and the quality really shows through!

    Personally, I really like Trasparenze hosiery. They make really funky designs in really beautiful patterns. Some of their hoseiry looks ordinary from the knees does but everywhere else is the sexiest design possibel and they also make really striking hosiery that just screams "LOOK AT MY LEGS" ... and then they make totally ordinary hosiery which is just so special! For me, Trasparenze are no. 2 to Wolford and no-one else comes close!

    Great review!

    1. Thank you, I'm glad that you enjoyed it...especially with it being my first ever stockings review! ❤

      It does definitely seem that stockings are making a come back. But I completely agree with you...when I was younger, I always believed stockings were more of a 'behind closed doors' scenario. Although I don't know if this is because I grew up watching the Rocky Horror Picture Show, or down to the fact this is what the media portrays?

      But upon looking into stockings; they're the original 'nylons for women', especially in the 40's, 50's and early to mid 60's. Only in the mid to late 60's did tights take off. I would say tights are of course easier to wear than anything, as you don't have to worry about them falling down, haha! Although I will be publishing a how to guide on stockings soon, so hopefully I can show you how easy they are to wear!

      Well this is my first time trying Trasparenze and wow I can see why you would put them second to Wolford. I'm glad that I managed to capture the quality of these stockings; the black isn't grainy and the knit is just perfect!

      I actually have some more items from Trasparenze to review (as they're amazing for petite girls like me!) Can't wait to show you them :]

      Thanks for your lovely comment as always and thanks for taking your time to read my review!


  5. This is such a great review, I just want to go and buy these now

    1. Thanks Matt!

      This is my first time trying Trasparenze as a company and I'm definitely impressed.

      But if you do go out and buy them, let me know what you think too!? As I would definitely recommend them! ❤

      Thanks for your comment xo

  6. Hi Kay
    Well written review. Though the stockings are sheer with 20 Denier, they seem versatile enough to wear for any occasion. You look lovely (as always) wearing them along with you dress.

    I hope you will do more reviews for stockings in addition to tights.

    Kind regards


    1. Hi JMH,

      Thank you for your lovely comment, I really do appreciate it! ❤

      And yes I completely agree with you. Mostly I wear higher deniers for work e.g. 40 denier plus, but these are very versatile. You could literally wear them for all occasions; work, night out, evening meal and socialising. It's only if you were to wear a shorter skirt/dress would people know that you were wearing stockings.

      But yes I will definitely be doing more stockings/hold up reviews in the future.


  7. Hi there, thank you for the informative review, you will find the lycra content makes these easier to clip into place, Gio stockings are traditional nylons so don't stretch. Stockings and bodies have been something that I have been considering recently, what I'm not sure about is how to arrange all the straps etc, did you wear your suspenders over or under the body? Traditionally knickers go over suspenders, but bodies have snaps to does it mean it doesn't matter which way round?

    1. Hello there,

      Thank you, I'm glad that you enjoyed it! ❤

      The Lycra definitely does help and I can honestly say for someone as petite as myself, traditional stockings are definitely not for me...

      I would always wear the suspender belt under the body. I feel that if you were to wear the suspenders over the body you could risk the following;

      1. The suspender belt could catch on your body and cause a pull. As I know my suspender belt from agent Provocateur has a lot of fancy lacing with metal clasps on which could easily be caught on your skirt. So if yo place your belt under your body, it feels a lot more secure because as you say your body will have snaps. I absolutely hate snags, so I often avoid anything that could cause them, haha!

      2. Also when you sit down if your suspender belt is over your body, you could run the risk of it showing above your skirts/trousers etc.

      That's just my thought on the matter though. You could try it over/under and just see what you feel more comfortable with and what works for you?

      Hope you don't mind the essay and I'd love to hear how you get on?


      p.s if you don't own any bodies yet, it's always worth while browsing eBay for Wolford bodies as they wash so well and you can get the for a fraction of the price.

    2. I really appreciate the detail. Most of what you have said hasn't really occured to me, I'll try them out. And I agree Wolford are definitely worth the splurge, and I'll make a shout out for Vestiaire Collective as good source for them, seem to have loads on there especially smaller sizes. Do please keep in touch.