Monday, 28 August 2017

These may possibly be my favourite sheers...EVER!

If you follow me on Instagram, you may already have a slight idea as to what my favourite sheers are...Now I'm talking about the kind of sheers that you would reach for at EVERY given opportunity - these literally are my 'go-to' pair of sheers.  Whether that occasion is casual with ripped jeans, formal wear or even for work!

I bet you're all wondering what sheers are these!?  Well I can confirm that surprisingly these are not a staple pair like Wolford Neon's, but if you carry on reading after the jump, you might just be surprised...

MissO - #Shiny Open Crotch Pantyhose

How Tights Tights Tights describe them;

"MissO are a Polish company specialising in luxurious gusset free gusset free and suspender style tights. All the comfort and freshness of hold ups or stockings with the security and strength of tights, without fussy garter belts or silicone bands. With a range of deniers and colours, including classically fashionable backseam tights, there isn't an ensemble that should be without these innovative tights".
  • 20 denier
  • Super glossy
  • Open crotch
  • Style - P101
  • Size - S/M
  • Material - 80% Polyamid & 20% Lycra


Now I have never experience crotchless tights until MissO kindly sent me a box full of their products to try and that was actually over a year ago now, but unfortunately life got in the way of me reviewing them or anything else to be precise.  If you follow me on my social media accounts, you will be aware that I damaged my tendons bouldering, so had to make the true sacrifice of not wearing heels for a very long time (too long to be honest) and then financial year end hit me...hard, but yes I'M BACK!!  So let's kill this review;

People seem to be so intrigued by the fact that missO's have an open crotch, rather than your conventional gusset.  I must admit that I was initially sceptical over this feature, but if you love hold-ups and want the security of tights - then these are the perfect product for you!  

They feel amazing on your legs - literally like silk against your skin and barely visible until the light hits them and boy when that light does hit them, they're beautiful!  Plus sheer tights can be worn with anything; including under ripped jeans.

But yes, the battle is real when wearing sheers; I literally spend nearly all my time avoiding anything wooden.  So I know of few of my readers may will feel the same, as who wants to waste money? No-one does...but considering I have been wearing these for over a year and they have only just developed a ladder in, they're actually really sturdy for 20 denier! Plus if I'm honest, I think that was after a night out and I couldn't find my hosiery gloves to take them off and my nail accidentally snagged them on removal.


MissO sizes are different to most manufacturers, as there is no dedicated extra small/small.  Instead there is S/M, L/XL and a XXL size.  I was initially worried due to the petite nature of my frame, but I can confirm that I've never experiences ANY issues with the nylon gathering anywhere.  I assume this is due to the luxurious knit of the tights.
  • P101 - open crotch pantyhose: transparent, silky, glossy - 20% Lycra and 80% Polyamide 
  • P202 - shiny open crotch pantyhode, 40 DEN
  • P105 - same as P101 but with a beautiful lace waistband
  • P211 - decorative seamed tights with open crotch
  • S301 - silky stockings for garters
  • S305 - hold up stockings with lace top
  • S306 - hold up stockings with decorative top (similar to Wolford fatal tops)
  • S605 - hold up fishnet stocking with lace top
The colours range from beige, white, black, red, lilac, yellow, grey, dark blue right through to light blue.  The RRP is normally around £10.


As the title suggest - these are possibly my most favourite sheers ever!  They're are extremely versatile and can be worn in many different styles and ways.  The knit is of such a high quality, plus that shine is just utterly mesmerising.  So yes, I'm still head over heels in LOVE with missO's P101's - just need to get a new pair now and experience the 40 denier!

Hope that you've loved this review as much as I love these tights and creating these pictures, but I must ask - what are your favourite sheers!?

You can purchase missO tights from Tights, Tights, Tights here;


  1. Back with a bang! Love that these can be worn under jeans given that's how I wear a lot of my tights. Miss O are welcome to send me a box to review too although as you know I'm buying a few when I return, only concern is does the fact they are crotchless cause any problems if you wear underwear?

    1. Thanks Matt!

      Well I actually wear mine with underwear and it doesn't cause any issues for me at all - due to the fact they're so lightweight! I've seen a few comments from other wearers on Instagram stating 'defeats the object of wearing crotchless, if you wear underwear' - but this is absolute rubbish!

      In all honesty, it's entirely up to you how you wear them and what makes you feel I said earlier, I wear mine mostly with underwear and no-one would know that they're crotchless unless you share that information.

      But yes, they're beautiful and you will LOVE them!


    2. That's good, I'll let you know how I get on once I've tried a pair! Now to try them with male or female underwear that's the question lol x

    3. I have never had crotchless pantyhose and I never heard about this brand but I can highly recommend luxury patterned tights which I bought on website They have orginal guccitights with beautiful patterns!

  2. Welcome back great review of those tights.
    I will have to get myself some

    1. Thanks Iain!

      Yes definitely - they're so comfy and beautiful!

      Kay xo

  3. I will have to get myself some of these because I really love pantyhose especially glossy silky ones like these but I like the ones with crotch in them

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