Friday, 25 April 2014

The Battle of Getting my Rosacea Diagnosed....

Three years ago after being seriously ill and in hospital with pneumonia I noticed round my chin and nose area it was a fierce red colour and was getting ALOT of painful spots (papules and pustules) and the rest of my skin was painfully much so that you could actually see the flakes of dry skin! 

Initially I visited my Doctor, who told me he was unsure as to what was wrong with my skin and advised that he will prescribe me with a steroid cream.  This for me is a DEFINITE NO as it thins your skin!  Like why would i agree to that!?  I guess if i needed steroid cream anywhere else I would agree, but on my face....definitely no!

Within 8 months of still not knowing I had rosacea, I most probably spent £200+ on products.  To name just a few I tried; E45 for Dry skin all the way through to Nivea, Sudacrem, Boots No7, YSL and Dior.....just nothing seemed to work for me!

That was until i spent hours searching on the internet and finally discovered Dermalogica Ultracalming range.

So i went to Selfridges in Manchester and spoke to a skin consultant and as soon as she seen my skin, she questioned as to whether i had rosacea....prior to this I had never even heard of rosacea.  The consultant done a skin mapping session on me and gave me a two week supply of what she believed would help my skin.  I must say i was extremely reluctant at first to try anything new on my skin after my previous bad experiences with products, but my opinion soon changed pretty fast with the help of Dermalogica!
I will go through which products I find useful in my next post. 
Love Kay

Friday, 11 April 2014

Introducing myself.....


Hi my name is Kayleigh!
I'm new to this world of blogging but I spend ALOT of my time reading and trying new hair and beauty products. 

As some of you may know living with rosacea makes you really self-conscious and gets you down sometimes (with me it was nearly all the time). 

I have lived with rosacea for three years, which diagnosed two years ago and I want to share my experiences of the products I have used.  Some products have been an absolute disaster and a complete waste of money (for me) and some have been amazing and are slowly bringing back my confidence!

In my future posts I will be discussing in depth the products and makeup I use to hide my red mask and spots (papules and pustules) and hopefully we can all share tips!?  Also all the other things I love; bleaching my ginger hair blonde and all the pastel colours I use and of course gaming  (◡‿◡✿)