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Wolford Mirella Tights Review - Black/Black and Sahara/Black


To all my readers who frequent my blog, you will be aware that Wolford are definitely one of my all time favourite hosiery manufacturers, due to their innovative designs and outstanding quality!

You can read my previous reviews on some of my favourite Wolford products here; 

UPDATE:  I've recently been on hiatus due to fact that I've recently got a promotion in work, to a job with high financial responsibility.  But I just want to say thanks to everyone who has stuck by my blog, even when times have fell silent on here...I really do appreciate it! ❤  

Wolford Mirella Tights

Design and Material
How Wolford describe them;  
"Thrillingly dangerous.  The parallel lines on these tights meet at the back of the leg to form a sexy-looking belt buckle.  A thigh-high vertical stripe at the front makes legs look longer.  A super highlight for upgrading a plain or classic outfit."

The Mirella tights are 20 denier appearance and consist of 66% Nylon, 23% Polyester and 11% elastane. 

The high quality of Wolford is present and the tights definitely accentuate your legs!  I would definitely say the Mirella are one of my favourite pair of tights that I own, if not my best pair! 

The tights are very bondage-esque style and are really eye-catching; especially in the sahara/black.  While wearing the sahara version of the tights, I've even had people ask me if I'm actually wearing tights; as sahara is a perfect match for my skintone! (although you do notice a slight shine, in certain lights).  

They also have a cute buckle design on the back of the tights too!
As with all Wolford tights, please protect them by using hosiery gloves to apply. It is the most heartbreaking moment when you accidentally snag your tights, which could of easily been avoided by wearing these specially designed gloves. 


I'm 5ft 4 and weigh 45kg (UK 6), so as per the below Wolford Size Guide...I'm really in between sizes.

I normally wear an XS or a S (depending on what sizes are available).  But I personally prefer to wear a Small as I don't like to stretch the tights too much. 

Colours and Price

The Wolford Mirella tights are available in the sahara/black or black/black and the recommended retail price was £30.00.  Although, these are actually from Autumn/Winter collection 2013; so if you want a pair it may be best to try a Wolford Outlet store, or stalk E-Bay.

How to wear Wolford's Mirella Tights?

I believe the Linnea tights are really versatile and could be worn with most outfits and even styled casually with shorts!


The Mirella tights are definitely one of my favourite designs from Wolford! (I literally have 3 pairs)  

They're extremely innovative, versatile, amazing quality and not to mention really eye-catching! Every time I wear the Mirella's, people will always comment how amazing they look! ❤  Personally I prefer the sahara/black (first picture), rather than the black/black; although I always find the all black are more hard wearing than the sahara and don't catch as easy!

Which colour do you prefer

Body: American Apparel    ||    Skirt: Maje    ||    Coat: Burberry Mottram Trench    ||    
Tights: Wolford Mirella    ||    Shoes: Lanvin    ||    Bag: Mulberry Alexa


  1. Great review! Awesome tights! Love the outfit you've paired with them... Nice heels too!

    1. Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

      and once again, thanks for the amazing interview that you published with me! ❤

  2. Another superb review. Lots of detail. This is now one of the essential hosiery blogs!

    1. I actually feel really positive about my blog lately, my statistics are growing day-by-day!

      Thanks for your lovely comment! ❤

  3. Nice review Kay! I am really into hosiery and would like to exchange and share with you

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    1. Hi Frankie,

      thanks for your lovely comment and apologies for the delay in replying!

      That sounds fantastic though; I'll check out your blog now!


  4. I adore Wolford tights ... always have. I love how their plain everyday tights are soooooo luxurious, but their patterned tights are so special - reflected (sadly) by their price!! But, Wolford are worth every penny.

    The Mirella tights are awesome and they look so cute on you (and reall great with your chosen outfit).

    I see from you review that these tights are the black on black and Wolford do the black on sahara as well?? Did you try these other as well?? What's your opininon on black on black vs nude on black??

    Lots of questions, but I think you're the girl to answer them!

    1. Hello!

      Always good to see new visitors to my page leaving a lovely comment, so thank you!

      Well the main/opening picture is the sahara/black, and the rest of the pictures are indeed black/black.
      I actually personally prefer the sahara/black as it's more contrasting. Although weirdly enough, I find that the black/black does not catch on as many things...were-as when I wear the sahara versions, I find that I have to be particularly careful! which can be stressful sometimes, worrying about where to sit e.g. no wooden chairs

      What colour do you prefer?

      I guess you can tell from my blog that I'm definitely a lover of Wolford's pattern tights, they're definitely luxurious ❤

      p.s I actually won the Wolford 'Update your legs' competition with the sahara/black Mirella tights

    2. Firstly, thank you for your reply. I wasn't sure if you were still doing this bog (as your last post were from August and I left my comment in October ... sorry for not checking your bog sooner). Anyway, glad to see you back reveiwing for us!

      To answer your question, I think I'm with oyu on this one ... the sahara/ black is definitely more striking! But, maybe, the black/black would be preferable in a more formal situation!!?? I don't know! Best to do what you do and but them both!

      Look out for my comments on your latest blog entries!

      PS I did see that you won the Wolford "Update you legs" competiton ... I think that's how I first read about your blog! (Very) Belated congratulations on your winning.