Sunday, 14 June 2015

Pretty Polly Tights - Textures Review in Speke Hall

We are surrounded by amazing history in the U.K and with being a National Trust member...I thought why not take you all with me on a trip to the beautiful Speke Hall! Oh and of course, I'm wearing tights!!

Before I take you into the review, I want to introduce you to Speke Hall; as I feel all too often we get lost in the hustle and bustle of modern day life, and forget about the beauty of places that surround us.  The property is owned by the National Trust and is a rare Tudor manor house built in 1598! 
During the Tudor period, the house was used to hide Catholic Priests away from the King (you can still visit their hiding holes here today). 

Pretty Polly Texture's

Design and Material

How Pretty Polly describe them;    
"A fantastic alternative to plain opaques tights.  Wrap up your legs in the luxuriously soft and cosy Nylon Raised Cable tights.  These tights will not only look fab but keep you warm and snug from work to play!

The texture tights are around 60 denier and consist of 89% Nylon and 11% Elastane.

Now these tights are super cosy and the quality of the knit is lovely.  The cable knit is very fine and runs down your legs and ends at the top of your thighs,  leaving you with clean lines under your clothing. 

As the British weather is so changeable, I think they're really useful to wear!    It was around 14 degrees and although these tights may look like your typical 'winter tights'; I found them perfect for the temperature and really comfortable! (even for long walking distances). 

Sizing and Fit

Pretty Polly's Textures tights are only available in one size; which covers amazingly vast range of sizes.   Although, I'm normally dubious of the 'one size fits all' theory. (see my blog post here)

I'm 5ft 4, weigh 45kg and have 30" hips and the tights fit literally like a glove once on. 

Personally, I must add if you're near 5'10 you may struggle, as I really had to pull the tights up to get the brief to align properly. 

Colour and Price

The Texture tights are available in black and retail for around £8.00

How to wear Pretty Polly Texture Tights?

Although, I decided to wear the tights very casually, they're extremely versatile and will go with almost anything.  I have even wore them previously with my 'office' wear; which one day I may feature if anyone is interested?   



I actually love these tights and would fully recommend! They kept me at a comfortable temperature and were super comfy...even with all the walking that I done!   Plus I have finally discovered a pair of Pretty Polly tights; that I didn't destroy within my first couple of hours.  Maybe I have just been unlucky in the past...!?

Well I hope you enjoyed my 'on location' shoot and I hope to do more of these considering Summer is finally here!

Pretty Polly tights can be purchased from here;

UK Tights

Hooded Top: H&M    ||    Bodysuit: Tripp NYC    ||    Shorts: AllSaints    ||    Tights: Pretty Polly     ||    Shoes: Converse


  1. Great review. Really detailed and thorough on all aspects. The cable pattern is superb. Shame that they might not fit anyone taller than 5'10". Speke Hall looks wonderful; what a beautiful house.

    1. Thank you :]

      The National Trust has some fantastic properties, think I'm going to do my next review in one too ❤

  2. Speke hall is so beautiful!! So many memory's of running around as a child there!!

    The tights aren't bad either haha :) xxx

    1. Hey you :]

      Jealous, I actually never went as a wasn't until I was around 19, that I went, haha! How bad is that eh!? But my mum never had the money when I was a child to do anything like that :'].

      Although I'm making up for it now as I'm a National Trust member ❤

      Hope you're okay btw, not seen you for a while :]


    2. 19 really? To be fair though you can appreciate it a whole lot more now, I just remembered picnics I'm the grounds and running on the grass your not supposed to go on being naughty ha!

      My grandma's house used to be just around the corner from it so it was really close for us to go to.

      Nothing like making up for lost time :)!

      Yeah I'm not bad thanks :), bit drained at the minute because my dog is really really sick :(. Have a look at her instagram Sally_doodle.

      Hope your good?? I remember seeing something you put saying your mum hasn't been well? Hope everything's ok or at least on the mend xx

  3. Hello Kay, I found your site from another tights lover you know (Maria from I love textured tights ... they are so much more interesting that plain hose - don't get me wrong, plain opaque black and sheer nude tight have their place, but textured tight are just so much more facinating and draw the eye so much better.

    I think it's the way the pattern and texture of the tights changes and undulates as the tights are stretched over legs and thighs and tuck back in under knees and ankles.

    I love your comprehensive reviews and your thoguths and ideas. Love it, love, love it! thank you for your blog and please keep posting!

  4. Great pics! I like the chuck Taylor's with the tights looks very casual

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment; I love wearing my tights with converse. Enjoy the casual look during the day and not to mention that it's super comfy! ❤

  5. Great pics! I like the chuck Taylor's with the tights looks very casual