Sunday, 3 May 2015

Leg Avenue Tights Review - Opaque Tights with Net Top

Leg Avenue was founded in 1999 in California, USA and are now one of the world's largest manufacturers of intimate apparel.   They pride themselves on making the most innovative costumes, lingerie and hosiery. (and that they definitely do! )

I first discovered Leg Avenue in the summer of  2006;  it was then that I fell in love with a pair of socks that a Playmate (Playboy bunny) was wearing.  I then proceeded to do that obsessive internet search and that's how I discovered Leg Avenue! (random I know!)

Leg Avenue Opaque Pantyhose with Diamond Net Top

Design and Material
How Leg Avenue describe them; 
"Show off your legs with these sexy pantyhose.  Features a diamond weave along the thighs and opaque legs and top."

The Leg Avenue Diamond Net top tights are 70 denier and consist of 92% Nylon and 8% Spandex.

The tights are very enticing as they initially look like an ordinary pair of opaque tights!  However,  upon closer inspection/certain angles; you will manage to catch a glimpse of the upper lace netting...which I find very sexy! ❤ 

I actually forgot how much I love these tights!  They're so empowering and actually make me feel amazing.  The opaque section is matte black, really thick quality and extremely soft to touch!  (I actually wore them for a work's Christmas party and received so many compliments; as they're different to a lot of hosiery items!) 

I recommend wearing gloves when applying the tights to protect them.  It is the most heartbreaking moment when you accidentally snag your tights, which could of easily been avoided by wearing these specially designed gloves.

Sizing and Fit
The tights are available in 'one size' only, which again made me question as to whether they really would fit me? 
The tights do fit me fine on my legs, considering my hips are 30" (that is 4" less than the recommended).  Although as random as this sounds; they don't fit my ankle very well...maybe I have thin ankles!? 

Intermittently, I would find myself adjusting the upper thigh section...which didn't cause too much of an issue being honest! (adjusted twice during a six hour hardly anything in comparison! )

Colour and Price

Leg Avenue's Diamond Net Top tights are available in red or black (as above) and they retail for around £10.00.

How to wear Leg Avenue's Diamond Top Tights?

I personally think that these tights are best worn with a dress/skirt (scuba style) that is lose fitting, so that it will give everyone else that enticing sneaky glimpse of the top net!


I do love Leg Avenue, as they produce such a vast range of hosiery...and I do honestly believe that there is something for everyone!  I've always found the quality and design of their tights to be great!  And these are definitely no exception; they're really alluring (especially when you casually allow the net to show from under your outfit!)   

I would definitely recommend these tights  

What do you think of the Leg Avenue tights

Although if you're ever considering purchasing Leg Avenue's 'Leggings' one thing that I have discovered; is that they're often more similar to tights, rather than leggings! Therefore,  I would fully recommend examining how 'sheer' they are before leaving the house!   
(I had a similar experience with their leggings at a Mötley Crüe Show, but luckily my T-shirt was long enough to cover my rear! haha ❤)

Skirt: H&M    ||    Body: Wolford    ||    Tights: Leg Avenue Opaque Diamond Net Top    ||    Shoes: Christian Louboutin - Altadama 140mm patent peep toe


  1. Chris - @nylonlover69 on IG/Twitter4 May 2015 at 13:26

    Those are AMAZING and how have I followed you this long on IG and never realized you had a blog?

    1. Thanks Chris! ❤

      At least now you know, so you'll be able to follow my pictures on here too!

      Thanks for your comment!


  2. leg avenue does have nice tights but have found one size only goes to 160 pounds think if they made larger sizes they would sell lots more