Sunday, 26 April 2015

Wolford Lucia Socks Review - with Givenchy Sheer Tights

Wolford are one of the world's leading hosiery, lingerie and ready-to-wear brands founded in 1949.  Their designs are always innovative designs, high quality, maximum comfort and most definitely timeless elegance.  Based on their circular knitting technique Wolford has produced garments which give the wearer the unique feeling of slipping into a 'second skin'.

After a short break from blogging; I actually cannot wait to to show you the beautiful Wolford Lucia socks ❤   (I've been helping my mum recover from a full hysterectomy and also been sick myself).

As many of my readers will already know; Wolford is definitely one of my favourite brands of hosiery and I'm super excited to try their socks! (anyone who has tried a pair of Wolford's tights will fully understand why ).  

Wolford Lucia Socks

Design and Material

How Wolford describe them;  
"Socks with Punk-Glam: Different net structures collide, some delicate, some with large holes, revealing a lot of skin on the back of the leg.  This style needs a stage, preferably high heels.  The smooth knit in the sole, heel and toe areas makes these knee-highs particularly comfortable."

The Lucia socks consist of 80% Nylon and 20% Elastane.

The design is extremely clever and definitely gives an edge to these fashion socks.  The knit is extremely smooth around the edge of your foot/sole making them feel highly durable.  They have a varying net design; some holes are delicate, while others are large.  They're extremely unique and once again very innovative!

Now that we are approaching summer...these socks definitely make a massive difference to the standard bare leg!  (Personally, I feel naked if I'm not wearing any form of nylon/knee high socks...therefore I am wearing my Wolford Lucia with my Givenchy sheer tights)

I applied my sheer tights and socks using my hosiery gloves (which I can't recommend enough!)  Even though they're socks, you run a risk of changing the design of them, if they're please do wear the gloves to avoid this issue at all costs!


With them being socks the sizes are based upon your shoe size rather than weight, height etc. 
My shoe size is an EU 35/36 (UK 2/3), therefore I chose the size small.  The sizing felt perfect considering the size range.

Colours and Price

The socks are available in one colour only and the recommended retail price is £14.00. 

How to wear Wolford's Lucia Socks?

I believe you could wear the Lucia socks with most dresses/skirts; as they are very glam...but won't take too much attention away from your chosen outfit.  However, in terms of shoes; I personally would only recommend wearing them with a non-peep toe shoes as they look more enticing and appealing when captured within a closed heel

LEFT: Christian Louboutin                                                                                                                                   RIGHT: YSL

I definitely prefer the closed toe shoe to peep-toe with these much as I love the Christian Louboutin's heels, it just looks too busy


I absolutely love the Lucia socks, they're so beautiful and enticing!  The socks really do make you stand out from the crowd, as they are not your typically 'fashion socks'.  One thing they truly are though, is Wolford; the quality, the beauty and of course the innovative designs.  

As always the never fail to impress me!

What do you think of the Wolford Lucia socks ? 

Dress: Armani    ||    Tights: Givenchy Sheer    ||    Socks: Wolford Lucia Socks    ||       Shoes: Yves Saint Laurent


  1. Hello Kay! Beautiful garment of wardrobe! I love socks especially with Yves Saint Laurent shoes<3 gorgeous<3

    1. Thank you so much Maria! ❤

      I know it's different to our normal tights attire, but they're so you say, especially when paired with the YSL shoes!

      I do love it and I'm glad you approve my lovely! ❤


  2. Cute socks.. Awesome Heels! :D

  3. Cute socks.. Awesome Heels! :D

  4. Nice socks and wonderful dress! I love nylon tights made in UK

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