Sunday, 8 February 2015

Pretty Polly Tights - Secret Socks Review

Sorry for the lack of publishing lately...I've actually had no camera and not been too well! But at long is my review on the Pretty Polly 'over the knee' secret socks tights

Pretty Polly have been an established hosiery company since 1919 (amazing that they're nearly 100 years old !)  They're an iconic British superbrand and the home of House of Holland tights too and were one of the first companies to introduce non-run stockings in 1959!

Pretty Polly Secret Socks

Design and Material
How Pretty Polly describe them;    
  • All in one 20 denier tight with combined modal sock.  
  • Create the layered look with complete comfort
  • A great British innovation
"Over the Knee Sock Tights look like socks layered over tights - but they're actually one piece! Perfect to dress up an old outfit or for that extra comfort with your favourite boots."
The Secret Socks are 51% Viscose, 44% Nylon and 5% Elastane.
True to Pretty Polly's history the tights are innovative (although I'm already aware of stores copying this design now).  When placing these tights on the first thing you notice is how warm the knit style fabric feels on your skin and as you would expect the upper tights section feels lovely and smooth too ❤.  

Although one thing I am slightly disappointed with is the quality of the knit on the upper tights section; there appears to be a slight banding appearance of the nylon on both of my legs.  I still received many compliments from people I met while wearing the Secret Socks tights; so maybe its not that noticeable...and possible that I just managed to pick a faulty pair?

Again I know I always say this, but....I would still recommend wearing gloves when applying to protect them.  It is the most heartbreaking moment when you accidentally snag your tights, which could of easily been avoided by wearing these specially designed gloves. 


I'm 5ft 4, weigh 45kg (UK 6) and have 30" hip.  

So judging by everything but my height, I chose a size small and it was definitely the right decision; the tights stayed perfectly fitted all night ❤!

Colour and Price

Pretty Polly's Secret Tights are available in one colour only, but there are actually different styles available; over the knee style (style I chose), knee high sock style and a patterned sock tights style.  The recommended retail price is £10.00...although I found them for the bargain price of £5.00 in John Lewis and just couldn't resist ❤.

How to wear Pretty Polly Secret Socks Over the Knee Tights?

Although I chose to wear something casual with these tights, they're very versatile and could easily of been worn with a dress and a pair of heels!



For years (mainly in the summer) I will put on a pair of my Givenchy sheer tights/Pretty Polly Naturals with a pair of knee high socks over the top as I love the edginess this look brings ❤.  So for tights to automatically have this facility in is a massive convenience, and saves the paranoia of putting a pull in your tights; while attempting to perfectly align the height of your socks!

As I mentioned earlier; my only slight disappointment is with the quality of knit on the actual upper thigh section...although this is something other people may not notice?

However, taking everything into consideration; price and design; I would still recommend these tights but personally I would say only if you can find them at a reduced cost

What do you think of the Pretty Polly Secret Socks Tights? 

Dress: Tripp NYC   ||    T-shirt: The Kooples ||    Tights: Pretty Polly Secret Socks    ||    
Boots: The Kooples


  1. Great review. Very informative on all aspects. The photos are also excellent and show how well you have styled them.

    1. Aww thank you, I do definitely try my best (as I know my fashion is very different to most peoples)