Wednesday, 18 February 2015

My History of Video Games...

Ever since I watched "Video Games: The Movie" on Netflix; I have been inspired to write a blog post about my own history of video games.
(I know this is very different to my tights review, but gaming is definitely another passion of mine and I'm going to make Wednesday my random post day )

Amstrad CPC 464
This beauty was my first ever experience of gaming and more than likely the reason why I still love gaming today.  I was around 3/4 years old when I started playing on the Amstrad (I still remember pestering my parents to put it on for me, as you actually needed to enter a code to even play a game!). 

To name just a few of the games I loved; Paperboy, Chuckie Egg and Ghost and Goblins!

Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)

This was actually my brother's console more than it was mine...but that still didn't stop me fighting with him!

Even to get five minutes on my favourite Mario Kart was treasured

Sega Mega Drive 16 bit 

I received this console as a birthday present when I was eight years old and I absolutely loved it! I would lose endless hours of my childhood with my new best friend, Sonic!

My favourite games were most definitely all the Sonic games including Sonic and Knuckles and Toejam & Earl.  But one game I absolutely hated was James Pond...I don't know why, but I found this game to be super frustrating!


I discovered the PlayStation when it was my tenth birthday and this is when gaming definitely became serious for me and maybe somewhat of an addiction!? 

Wow, were do I start on my favourite games....I absolutely loved Resident Evil 2, Tekken, Tomb Raider and Tombi

(Random Fact: Did you know that Sony first offered their idea of a console with a disc drive to Nintendo, but the project fell apart and Sony then created the PlayStation)

 PlayStation 2

I actually didn't really enjoy the PS2, but maybe this because it arrived in the height of my teenage years?  Think I was fifteen when I first got this console.

My favourite game was definitely again Tekken! I always used to play as Law.

PlayStation 3

Now this is when I lost my can I even begin to describe my love for the PS3.  If I am completely honest with myself, I was slightly out of control; drinking Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  When I got the PS3 all that reignited that love that I first felt when gaming.  Plus Sony introduced the idea of trophies, which has now definitely turned into an obsession ❤!

My favourite game was and still is definitely Bioshock, one word...AMAZING!  

PlayStation 4

 The PlayStation 4 is the newest addition to my console family and yes I love it; but I actually still prefer my PS3 at the moment.  I know this will change overtime as more games become more available



 So yes, for my readers who also follow me on Instagram will be already aware of my passion for gaming and of course tights.  I just though it was about time I done a blog post about gaming! Especially after watching Video Games: The Movie, it has made me realise that my generation was definitely at the forefront of the gaming era.  We went from tapes, cartridges to discs. 
I have also had numerous handheld consoles, Gameboy, DS, PSP and played numerous PC based games like Battlefield 1942 ❤! 
If I had to pick my favourite, I would have to say the PlayStation 3 just because I discovered Bioshock and could easily lose 12 hours of my day in Rapture!
What has your history of video games been like?


  1. Fascinating history that also tracks the evolution of gaming machines and consoles. I remember being obsessed with Space Invaders when it first came out, but I've not really done anything games wise since then.

    1. Thank you!

      I'm totally useless as Space must of had amazing patience! haha

      But yes, it is really is fascinating! I always got told that I 'would grow out of it' but amazingly, I haven't!

      Thanks for being supportive (as yes its quite different to what I normally do ❤)


  2. Reading this brings back so many memories! My first was the Amiga 600 and Monkey Island it was about 11 floppy disks long haha.

    My favourite colsole has to be a toss up between the ps3 and Nintendo 64. to this day for me the best multiplayer games are Goldeneye and Mario kart 64

    1. I know, you should seriously watch Video Games: The Movie! Really did inspire me and actually made me realise that our generation really was at the forefront of video games! We have been through it all ❤

      I think mine is definitely the PS3 too, just literally did change my life (how sad does that sound, haha)

      Well my sister actually had the N64, so I couldn't technically say it was mine!
      But yes I remember Golden eye...although it actually made me feel sick when I played it :')

      Thanks for your comment, good to still speak to you (even though I'm no longer on Facebook)


    2. Yeah it's been on my 'to watch list' I will definitely have to get round to watching it this week :).

      It's crazy to think how far games have come from my first console to now. I can't wait to see where it takes me from here!

      Yep is always good to keep in touch :),


  3. Awesome post! Caught me off-guard because it is apart from your usual 'tights review' format, but it's good to have that Moment, right?

    I grew up with a relative's SNES, a neighbor's PS1, and my grandma-owned SEGA system (soon to be accompanied by someone's SNES. They let me borrow it :). But it was the Nintendo 64 that made me the fanboy I am today...that, and borrowing that PS1 from the neighbor, haha. Mario & anything Mario-related, Sonic, and Crash ruled those days.

    1. Aww thank you lovely for your kind words, as I know it's very different to my normal kind of posts!
      But hey I agree with you...always good to have a moment like that! ❤

      I did love the SNES, but absolutely adored the PS1 (mainly because of Resident Evil) Sounds like you had lovely people around you, that let you experience their love of gaming too!

      What was your favourite game on the N64? I used to sometimes play my sisters, and loved Donkey Kong Island, haha! I remember trying to play James Bond, but it made me feel slightly sick, haha!

      Mario, Sonic, Crash and Spyro definitely ruled them days...although I actually preferred Toad to Mario! He was super cute ❤

  4. Great post! I started off with the old Atari 2600 console and then the NES. I was more of a computer gamer afterwards through out the 90's and beyond. My kids had the N64, Game Cube then the Wii and now the PS3 and WiiU. But when I was kid in the 80's, the arcade was my playground!

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