Monday, 14 December 2015

Step into Christmas - Pretty Polly Snowman Tights Review

Pretty Polly are undoubtedly one of the best British hosiery brands of all time and have been dressing legs beautifully since 1919!  They're proud to be an iconic British superbrand  & the home of House of Holland tights. From Sheers to Opaques, sleek Naturals to timeless Nylons.  For everyday through to Ultra-fashionable, Pretty Polly ensure that your legs are better-than-bare!

After working for three hours on my blog post yesterday, Blogger crashed and I frustratingly lost all my work.  So *fingers crossed* that I have better luck with this post after after one of my lovely followers suggested using ‘Google docs’ (massive thank you).  So I really hope that you enjoy my ‘version 2’....


Pretty Polly Snowman Tights

Design and Material
How Pretty Polly describe them;   
  • Mock over the knee
  • Dress your legs to impress this season
  • Key fashion statement for every occasion
  • Fun, flirty & perfect for you

"Keep Jack
Frost from nipping at your toes this Winter with our Pretty Snowman tights from Pretty Polly.  A wonderful alternative to opaque tights, these mock over the knee tights feature a charming Snowman design which sits just above the knee.  These cute novelty tights will be a key fashion statement look this Christmas season, you won't want to go out without them!"

The Snowman tights are 88% Nylon, 8% Elastane, 3% Polypropylene and 1% Cotton (excluding the waistband) and they're actually 'Made in England'; which is extremely rare to see! ❤

Now these are very similar design to Pretty Polly’s ‘Secret Socks’ that I previously reviewed here; Secret Socks Review.  Although these have an opaque leg with the cutest snowman design just above your knee, rather than a sock styled knit.  

The tights feel lovely and smooth against your skin and surprisingly warm.  I would estimate that the sheer thigh section is around 20 denier and the opaque section is 60 denier.  The sheer section of the tights looks beautiful against the contrast of opaque. ❤  Although they appear to have the same issue as Pretty Polly’s ‘Over The Knee’ socks, as there is slight banding in the knit, which is disappointing; although this is something not everyone may notice?


Pretty Polly's Snowman tights are available in one size, which covers the sizes below;

I’ve always found PP’s one sized tights fit me perfectly; considering that I am really bottom of the scale in terms of the sizes that they cover.  I’ve also never experienced creasing around the ankles or excess material around my stomach area.

Styles and Price

The tights are available in various different styles ranging from Rudolph - snowflakes, to even mock suspenders with a Christmas tree (I actually love these ones!❤)

The recommended retail price is £8.00; but you can find them on sale via Pretty Polly for £4.00, along with various other styles here;

How I wore Pretty Polly’s Snowman Tights?

As these tights are playful and quirky, I decided to pair them with a more casual look.


So I know these are definitely different to my normal style of tights; but I love the fact that they’re quirky, fun and super cute! ❤  Even whilst I was wearing them, I noticed a few passersby did glance at my tights and randomly smiled; so I’m glad to say that they definitely spread the Christmas cheer! I’ve already decided that I will be wearing them on my last day of work prior to our Christmas break.
However, as I previously mentioned my only slight disappointment is the quality of the knit in the upper thigh section, although it may not be as noticeable to other people...?
Given all of the above I would still recommend these tights as they're super cute and quirky!  I also posted a picture on my Instagram account and my  followers definitely loved them too.  But hey, who doesn't love Christmas!

 What do you think of Pretty Polly's Snowman tights?

 Body: Tripp NYC    ||    Shorts: Allsaints    ||    Shoes: Vans    ||   Coat: Gap


  1. I do like novelty tights when I see them in a shop, I buy the, take them home and then novelty factor wears off very quickly and I NEVER wear them again. Over the years, I have learnt to fight the urge to buy novelty tights and I later savour the benefit of my prudence.

    However, the Christmas tights you're wearing (and the other ones in the range) are so cute. Love them and can't wait to buy them ... ALL! I think your outfit really sets them off as well ... cute and quirky; really nice! If I'd seen you in the street, I would have smiled as well (I probably would have made a point to complement you as well).

    As for Pretty Polly themselves, I do know what you mean. They are quite special and they do make marvellous tights - from the day-to-day to the glamourous to the down-right sexy to the cute & quirky! I especially like their fun tights. I rememeber, I bought some black opaque skeleton tights 4-5 years ago - still have them today and still wear them out when the ocassion suits!

    Great review - wish you'd worn each of ther range to see show what they all look like ... but I'm more than happy that you've shown us the Snowman tights!

    And finally, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (if we don't get to see more of you and your tights range before Christmas).